Avery’s 4th birthday party!

I LOVED decorating and planning Avery’s birthday party this year! I love doing her parties every year but this year was the best so far! Avery is really into My Little Ponies right now and her favorite character is Rainbow Dash. So naturally she wanted a Rainbow Dash party. Whatever character she’s into that year is usually what her party is going to be. (2nd birthday was Bubble Guppies and 3rd birthday was a combination of Doc McStuffins and Phineas and Ferb). I got super excited with the thought of a rainbow party and adding in all the My Little Ponies! Whenever I plan her parties I usually start looking at Pinterest a few months before and go from there. I actually would love to start planning parties for other people as a job so after every party I do I take photos of everything to keep in a portfolio. And I decided to write this blog showing all the photos I took of her Rainbow Dash party because they are just too cute! So now here are the photos!


When the guests first walked up to the door they were greeted with a rainbow cloud sign and number 4s. Then to sort of block off the dining room we hung streamers (which backfired because all the kids just wanted to run through them haha). And then in the living room we had Rainbow Dash balloons, a happy birthday balloon sign and we used a few of her stuffed animals to decorate. Then on the gift table we added some coloring pages (that were a big hit!) and cut out My Little Ponies for her school bulletin board.

Now my favorite part! Decorating the food table. I was in love with this backdrop and so was Avery! (We kept it up for a few days afterward!) I think it’s always so fun to think of cute names for all the food. And Avery added a special touch by putting stickers on all the water bottles.


This cake was also soo cute!! Last year I made Avery’s birthday cake but this year I thought it might be easier with a baby always on my hip just to buy it and I was right. I’m very happy with the way it turned out!

For the games we gave all the kids My Little Pony masks and not pictured was a My Little Pony tattoo corner and guess the cutie mark game. For the cutie mark game we would hold up a photo of a cutie mark and then the kids had all the ponies on sticks and they would hold up the right Pony for that cutie mark. Avery loved this game because she was really good at it! And we did a piñata that was really fun! And the last 2 games were pin the tail on Rainbow Dash and toss the apples in Apple Jack’s basket.


And of course gift bags! That concludes her party! This was the best one to date and I can’t wait to see what she’s into next year for her 5th birthday. Actually I can wait because that means she is going to be FIVE! Hope you all enjoyed having a look into Avery’s Rainbow Dash party!

Avery’s 3 year old letter

As some of you may know I write a letter to Avery every year around her birthday and I thought I would share this year’s letter on my blog! So here it is:

Dear Avery Gracie,

You are 3 years old!! Mama is amazed at the sweet, amazing, smart, kind, insightful, quick, whole hearted big girl you are. Continue reading

2 year letter to Avery

Avery Grace,
First off I want you to always know and never doubt how much daddy and I love you. We think you are the most amazing daughter in the world and you will always be our sweet baby girl! 2 years ago you made two 17 year olds parents and changed our lives forever. We were scared that we would mess up and not do things right for you but we quickly caught on to parenthood. We knew that as long as we always put your needs above ours and loved you no matter what that we would be just fine. We’ve kept with that attitude your whole life and I think you are turning out pretty great! You are THE MOST important person to us! With you being 2 I wanted you to be able to read this letter and know what kind of toddler you were like. For starters you have the best sense of humor. You get that from your daddy! You say things in a really high voice and then a really low voice. And you love scaring people and wanting them to scream. You love running around the house being chased. Your favorite toys right now are the bubble guppies bath toys, Mickey Mouse and friends, Nemo and friends, and all your little people. You like putting your toys in time out and calling them “bad boys”. Only daddy can pick your pjs out and it’s a nightly routine that he makes fun and silly. You go almost everywhere with me. I hate driving in the car and not having you to talk to so I just take you wherever I go! You also love talking to people! Whenever we go we get multiple people saying how cute you are and you love smiling at them and saying thank you. Your favorite colors are blue and green. Your favorite foods are tacos, yogurt, toast, Mac and cheese, pears, avocados, fish and anything chocolate. If we even say the words chocolate or m&m’s you freak out and get so excited. You love facial expressions! I can usually tell your mood by the face you are making. You repeat anything and everything we say now. You talk all day long! It’s cute to hear you get your thoughts out and hear your feelings. If you are happy, sad, excited or mad you let the world know! You are so honest, I love it! You say exactly what you feel and if you are feeling a little moody you come cuddle in my arms until you feel better. You randoming come up to me and say “momma hug!” And squeeze me tight! You have no clue but my heart melts inside! We have lots of fun moments together! You also like playing with mommy’s make up brushes while I get ready. Your favorite thing to do with make up is take my thin eyeshadow brushes and sweep them over my eyebrows. You have a great imagination and could play with our stuff for hours! And ever since my birthday you’ve been singing happy birthday to yourself and have been getting so excited for today! We’ve had a lot of fun every day with you. You bring so much joy I go our lives! Mommy prays for you every day! I pray every day for your well being, that you’ll always put God first, and that you’ll continue to keep the glow that’s inside of you. I try every day to set an example for you of what a good mom and wife should look like. You make me a better person! Mommy and daddy love you more than you’ll ever be able to understand. You have brought us more happiness in 2 years than we’ve had in our entire life. In mommy and daddy’s vows we both said “Every day is better because of you”. We feel that way about you too! The amount of love and kindness you have in your heart is overflowing! You are the most extraordinary 2 year old in the world! I love watching you become smarter and grow every single day. Thank you for being 100% you Avery Gracie! Mommy and daddy absolutely love being your parents!