Must do Fall Ideas!

It’s a little bit of a cooler day today for us and it makes me so excited for fall! This year fall is even better because Brooklyn is due at the end of October. In our house we all LOVE fall and winter! Cuddling up inside while it’s cold and storming outside is one of our favorite things to do. Continue reading

Pumpkin Patch

We love going to the pumpkin patch as a family for so many reasons. Now that Avery is older it’s more fun because she gets just as excited. We went to Deep Well Farm in Lenoir City and loved it! Here are all the photos from our day.

3 4

Avery was ready to go and play!

5 2

Avery loved the big tractor and swings! I was singing country songs to Josh while he was on the tractor haha.

14 13

The big slide was also a ton of fun. You can’t see how tall the slide goes up in these photos but it made my stomach tickle and Avery loved it! I love her smile in these pictures 🙂

9 8 7

Avery made a donkey friend. I love watching how sweet she is to animals.

6 10

Then daddy told her she had to run to get on the tractor ride to the pumpkin patch and Avery took off!

11 12

She found a perfect little pumpkin for herself that she then painted blue when we got home because that has always been her favorite color. And we didn’t get a pic but Avery’s favorite part of the pumpkin patch was this play structure they made out of wood and tubes. (which mommy barely fit in but did it over and over because Avery loved it so much). All in all it was a good day. Avery had a blast and that always makes Josh and I happy!

Fall Bucket List

It’s finally October! We have been having an abnormally warm year in Tennessee. We are still having days in the high 70s but today it was cooler outside so I got to break in my new pair of heeled boots! Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons! The cool weather, the clothes, yummy treats, Christmas getting closer, and all the fun activities! Before each season starts I make a bucket list of all the things I want to do that season to make it special and fun for everyone. I decided I wanted to share my fall bucket list to give everyone some ideas and if I’ve left anything off please comment so I can add them to our fun!

  1. Decorate our house for fall
  2. Make a homemade pumpkin spice latte
  3. Go apple picking
  4. Stomp in the leaves
  5. Make a pot of fall aroma (1 orange peel, 1 sliced apple, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and water!)
  6. Make a fire outside
  7. Splash in puddles (or as Avery and Peppa Pig would say “muddy puddles!”)
  8. Make a homemade pie
  9. Take a foggy morning walk
  10. Make a new crockpot dish
  11. Make Carmel apples
  12. Go to the pumpkin patch
  13. Carve pumpkins
  14. Go on a hike
  15. Visit the farmers market
  16. Plant tulip bulbs
  17. Do fall crafts with Avery
  18. Visit Gatlinburg
  19. Plan thanksgiving dinner and activities
  20. Read outside with some blankets
  21. Have a popcorn and movie night
  22. Visit a farm
  23. Get fall candles
  24. Window shop
  25. Do a mini photoshoot
  26. Do fall activities the city puts together for kids
  27. Take a long bike ride in the Smoky Mountains
  28. Kiss my husband in the rain
  29. Make apple cider
  30. Watch post-season baseball and the World Series


And there you have it! Our family’s fall bucket list! We have so far done 8 things on this list and can’t wait to do more! Like I said in the beginning if anyone has any other fun ideas for us to do this Fall season please comment!! 🙂