Hardest Blog Yet

My blog is usually very positive and happy but this blog post is going to be a bit more serious. Some things have been going on in my body and in our house that we have chosen to keep quiet until we had some answers. I kept track of the dates and what was going on so that when we were ready we could explain everything. Continue reading

Sunday Thoughts

Today at church the pastor talked about the story of Jonah and how sometimes it’s hard to do what God is calling us to do. And that sometimes it’s uncomfortable to reach out to people (with me being so shy I can relate to this!) but instead of looking at it as to how nervous it makes us, we should think about all the good that can come from it. We started coming to this church a few months ago and now call it our home church. Every Sunday not only is the message great but the worship is always amazing. We end up buying half of the songs they played by the end of the day haha. Continue reading

Things I’m passionate about/love

I always want whoever is reading my blog to know me, who I am, and what I believe. I thought what better way to get to know me better than telling all of you what I’m passionate about/ what I love!

  1. My family! Josh and Avery are LITERALLY my everything! I wake up and go to bed thinking about them and what I can be doing for them. I find so much happiness in seeing them happy! I can’t imagine not having Josh as my husband or not having Avery as my daughter! I know I talk about them both a lot but it’s not nearly as much as I want to. The things Avery says to me and Josh does for me warms my heart! Last night Avery wanted me to cuddle her and hold her hand so she could fall asleep. Right before she fell asleep she told me “I really love you” and instantly happy tears streamed down my cheeks. Avery is the most thoughtful person I’ve ever met and the fact that out of everyone God picked me to be her mommy just amazes me!
  1. God! God always comes first in my life and that’s the way I like it. He has given me so much to be thankful for! His plans are so much greater than mine (sometimes I need to remind myself of this) and I love having God as my Heavenly Father! Josh and I do our best to raise Avery up how God wants us to and love teaching her more about him. Yesterday at church Avery took communion for the first time and I explained it to her the best I could to a toddler and after it was done she said she wanted more bread dipped in juice haha. The responsibility of teaching our kids about God is very important to us!
  1. Country music! By far my favorite genre of music! Give me some country music and sweet tea and I’m set! My favorite artists are Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, and Luke Bryan. My 10 favorite country songs right now are “She’s in love with a boy”, “Real men love Jesus”, “Make you miss me”, “From the ground up”, “John Cougar, John Deer, John 3:16”, “This”, “Making memories of us”, “Burnin it down”, “Then”, and “I met a girl”. Something about hearing a country song just puts me in a good mood! So living in the state of country music suits me well!

Continue reading

Living a Healthy Lifestyle


I have always been built smaller but that doesn’t mean I’ve always been in shape. I was a size 0 and around 110 pounds before Avery was born. Now I am a size 2 and 117 pounds and I feel better than ever! I didn’t really have any muscles before Avery was born but now my arms, stomach and legs are getting more defined. I feel strong and I love it! I also have struggled with my sides holding all my fat and I hate it! I thought I would have it forever but now that I’m really focusing on doing side workouts 3 days a week¬† they are going down finally! In the past few months I have really been working on making a few changes to my lifestyle, exercising and eating habits and it’s crazy how much better I feel!

Some changes I’ve made are getting up earlier and drinking a whole glass of cucumber lemon water, working out in the morning and not putting it off, working out longer and making sure I sweat each workout I do, and eating a lot better.

I probably will never give up eating what I love but I can improve little things about my eating habits. Like instead of the normal sandwich I now do lettuce wraps with turkey breast, cheese and cucumbers. I also do flavored water like lemon and lime, just lemon, just cucumber and lemon and cucumber. This helps me make sure I’m drink enough water. We also try to eat fresh and organic as much as possible. We always buy organic fruits and veggies when we are eating the skin. Especially strawberries! Please please please don’t eat non-organic strawberries! The chemicals on them are crazy! Also getting Avery and Josh to eat vegetables is not always easy but I continue to try New recipes until I find one they like and will eat (if anyone has any recipes that make veggies tasty to those who don’t normally like them please comment below!) I also try to limit my treats to 1 little treat a day. I can’t say I don’t eat after 8pm because when Josh gets home from work we like to watch tv and snack together but if I eat a lot of junk food at night I feel it in the morning so I try to eat better at night and lots of portion control! I try to eat small meals more often too. I eat breakfast at 8am, snack at 11am, lunch at 1pm, dinner at 6pm, and a snack at 9pm. I am always doing research about the best foods for our bodies and things to look out for. In the last couple months I have taken a big interest in healthy foods and ways to take care of mine and my family’s bodies.

My workouts have also changed a little bit. I workout Monday-Friday in the morning and take the weekends off. Monday’s I do abs, Tuesday’s I do butt and legs, Wednesday’s I do abs and arms, Thursday’s I do butt and legs and Friday’s I do abs. The workouts I do differ from week to week. Sometimes I use Pinterest workouts, the app called Sworkit, YouTube videos, Alexa Jean workout plan, and going on a walk while making up new exercises to do at each mailbox. And making sure I sweat each time I do a workout helps me know that it is actually doing something. And my body differs from day to day. Some days my stomach is flat and looks great and other days I could pass for 10 weeks pregnant because I can bloat so much! I also love when Avery joins in and copies whatever exercise I’m doing. And at night if I don’t feel sore I do another short workout! It is great to be in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Not having a set weight to be at helps me to focus on just taking care of my body inside and getting more and more muscle. (My right arm is way more toned than my left because I always carry Avery on that side. I need to work on my left arm more!)

A healthy lifestyle for my family and I makes me happy!! If anyone has any tips for living healthier I would love to hear them!

Avery’s Swimming lessons

Today was Avery’s last session in her swim lessons and it went great! She usually doesn’t like water in her face and is cautious when it comes to water (which we don’t mind at all!). But by the end of the lesson she found confidence in herself knowing that it was ok to get her face wet. And she even went fully under the water once. I asked her before I did it and she said yes! She afterward told us it wasn’t fun but I’m proud of her for not crying or being upset about it. Continue reading

Cooking with kids

While we were visiting Gatlinburg, TN there was the cutest kid apron ever! It said “Sweet Tea Y’all” and since my blog is “My Cup of Sweet Tea” we just had to take a photo with it.

IMG_1188 IMG_1189

After taking that picture I was thinking about how much Avery helps me in the kitchen and how much I love it. I think that having Avery help me cook and bake is so important and so much fun. It gives us a chance to do something together that I love doing and it will start to teach her the basics of cooking and baking. I am not a super amazing chef but hopefully she will learn a few things from me. Plus it makes cooking and baking much more enjoyable when I have such a great helper.

The other day I decided to make rice crispy treats and had Avery help me. She decided she wanted to put M&M’s in there and then she decided she needed to get her hands in the M&M jar.¬†IMG_1238

And then she found out that marshmallows are in rice crispy treats and got even more excited!


She then insisted on stirring the marshmallows and did a great job at being careful with the hot stove.


And of course she had to sample a few M&M’s to make sure they tasted alright before adding them to our rice crispy treat mix.


Once the M&M’s were approved we added them to the pot and again she wanted to help stir. (Although this time it was a little too hard for her to mix the sticky batter)

IMG_1255 IMG_1256

Once we put the rice crispy treats in the pan Avery decided we didn’t have enough M&M’s so she sprinkled some more on top.

IMG_1259 IMG_1261

And Ta Da! Avery was very proud of the dessert she made! She loved them and ate her fair share of them!


It was fun to take photos of Avery making her dessert and I hope it inspires other moms and dads to cook with their kiddos! Oh and the thing that Avery’s standing on while helping me is the best! It’s called The Learning Tower by little partners. The color we have is dark cherry. It’s amazing when Avery wants to help me cook and I don’t have to worry about her falling over in a chair and it adjusts to whatever height your child is.

Hope you enjoyed my blog!

– Cassy