Avery’s 3 year old letter

As some of you may know I write a letter to Avery every year around her birthday and I thought I would share this year’s letter on my blog! So here it is:

Dear Avery Gracie,

You are 3 years old!! Mama is amazed at the sweet, amazing, smart, kind, insightful, quick, whole hearted big girl you are. Continue reading

First Time Starting a Garden!

Hey everyone! I apologize for not posting blogs as much lately. This is a super busy time of year for us because my birthday, Avery’s birthday and Josh’s birthday are all within 20 days! We finished everything for Avery’s 3rd birthday party this weekend so the next blog I do will be all about her party! 🙂 Anyways! A couple months ago I decided I wanted to do a garden for the first time this spring. Continue reading

Where did my 24 hours go??

I know for a fact I am not alone when I ask this question! 24 hours seems like so much time but it feels like some days it goes by in an instant and then its 9pm at night and I’m trying to figure out what in the world I accomplished that day. There are days I feel on top of the world and get a whole bunch done but that for sure doesn’t happen all the time. I work part-time at home and between that, the house stuff, being a wife, being a mother and trying to get a little bit of time for myself to work on projects I am busy a lot! I know I could be busier so I treasure the relaxing time I do get. Like right now I am in bed cuddling Avery while I write this blog and it’s so nice! I also think it’s a little bit of my fault that I’m so busy because I hate sitting down and doing nothing so I always have the next thing I want to do or a project I want to start in my head. I have actually been working on taking a little bit of time for myself everyday and either doing a podcast devotion, watching a show, or doodling floor plans for fun haha. This gives me energy to accomplish more in the day. I sometimes can get myself stressed out in my head just by thinking about all I need to do and fixing that is a work in progress. I guess it’s hard for me to see that my daily stuff (working out, 3 meals for everyone, tidying up, school with Avery, practicing ballet with Avery, going for a walk, working from home, laundry, and spending quality time with Josh and Avery) will take up most of my day and if I don’t have time to get other things done in a day that’s okay. I make a daily list and I used to get stressed out if I didn’t accomplish it all by the end of the day but now whatever doesn’t get finished I just move to the next day. That’s an exciting overcome for me haha. It’s easy for me to sometimes feel like at the end of the day I didn’t do enough as a wife and mother but then I remember that Avery and Josh both feel loved and cared for and it’s just in my head that I didn’t do enough for them. Being a mom and being a wife is who I am. I am beyond thankful that I get to be a wife and a mother every day and the love I get back from them is so rewarding! So even though I wish I could function off of less sleep or have the days be longer I am grateful for every second that I have. Being God’s daughter, Josh’s wife, and Avery’s mother come first over everything else and whatever else I have time to accomplish in my 24 hours will  just be a bonus. Here’s to a relaxing Saturday, hope you liked reading this blog!

Beauty Must Haves

Last week I showed you guys my new vanity and a look inside all the drawers so this week I thought I would share some of my beauty must haves. I am in no way a beauty expert but I love beauty products and finding things that really work for me and my skin. I have super sensitive skin so it’s nice to have products that work great and are easy on my skin. All these products might not work for you but it’s always fun to give some of them a try.  Continue reading

My New Vanity!

I have wanted a spot to sit down and get ready at for as long as I can remember. Being able to sit down and have all my stuff in a specific spot makes getting ready actually enjoyable instead of just something I have to do. When picking out what I wanted for my vanity I know I wanted a cozy chair, lots of drawers and lots of white. So I got some inspiration and decided to do a table top and 2 drawers from IKEA and then I found my chair at a home store in our area. I love every part of my vanity so I thought it would be fun to show you guys what my vanity looks like and what things I have in all the drawers. So let’s get started! Continue reading

Done Nursing!

I nursed Avery for almost 2 years and 10 months! Nursing that long isn’t common but I did what Avery wanted and what was best for her. She never liked bottles, pacifiers, special blankets or stuffed animals. None of that stuff brought Avery comfort. Nursing was her comfort. And I was happy to provide that for her. That doesn’t mean some nights I didn’t wish someone else could put her to sleep because I did have those moments. Being the only one to be able to get Avery to sleep for almost 3 years is a lot on a mom! Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It is a little weird to no longer be writing 2016. It always takes me a good month to get used to it haha. Of course last night I was reflecting on our year as everyone does and I saw a lot of favor from God in our lives in 2016. He taught us patience, how to really lean on him and how ultimately he is in control and will work everything together for good. (Romans 8:28 will always be my favorite scripture) I thought it would be fun to share with all of you my top 16 moments and top 16 photos from 2016! So here we go! Continue reading

Our Views on Santa

I have been asked numerous times what mine and Josh’s views on Santa are and I thought I would write a blog on it. Josh and I are FIRM believers that we should never lie to Avery. We want her to be honest with us therefore we need to be honest with her. And technically speaking telling our kids Santa is real is a lie. However, Santa is a fun part of Christmas time. In December Santa is in lots of movies, books, and at the mall. At first the thought of Santa coming down the chimney, eating our cookies and putting presents under the tree scared Avery more than it excited her. So we decided to tell her that Santa is more of a fun story around Christmas time and that there is a Santa at the mall but he doesn’t come inside our house. She liked this much better. So when we went to go get our photo taken with Santa the kids there were telling him what they wanted. Avery wanted to do this as well and she asked Santa for Phineas and Ferb toys. She told us that she wanted Phineas and Ferb toys from Santa so mama got her lap top out and started looking. These are HARD to find!! I looked and looked and ended up having to bid on them on Ebay and I get no credit haha. We weren’t planning on doing any presents from Santa but Avery wanted this one to be from Santa. She knows he isn’t real but she still likes the idea of telling Santa who she sees in all her Christmas movies what she wants and it coming true. We are still figuring out Santa in our house because her feelings might change in the years to come. But we don’t tell her “Santa is watching you better behave” or “Santa comes to our house on Christmas and fills the stockings and eats the cookies”. This won’t stop us from making cookies Christmas eve to eat though! Santa is a fun part of Christmas but he isn’t the reason for it. That’s really what we want Avery to understand. She knows that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and that’s why we celebrate it. (She still thinks Jesus is a baby because of all the nativity scenes though haha). Our traditions celebrate Jesus’ birth and celebrate the holiday season. We never want to put the focus on Santa so in our family Santa is more of a story that people talk about around Christmas time and he’s in lots of fun movies. And that’s our views on Santa! 7 more days until Christmas!