Hi everyone! Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am Cassy Willis and I am 18.

I LOVE organizing and cleaning.  I could spend hours organizing the house and getting everything in order. I also love crafts and doing DIY projects. I am also a huge sweet tea drinker!  But my favorite thing of all is taking care of my family. I get the most joy out of seeing my daughter and husband happy and cared for.

I became a mommy to Avery Willis on March 3rd, 2014. Becoming a mom at 17 wasn’t what I had planned but no matter what it is a blessing. Being her momma is the best thing in the world. She is the smartest and sweetest 1 year old ever and I love being able to be there for every milestone that she has.

I am also married to Avery’s daddy Josh Willis. He is my rock, my hero, my inspiration, my everything! He is the most amazing man ever and I am so lucky to call him mine. We got married July 10th, 2015. I love being married! We compliment each other in the best ways and want to serve and love God together forever.

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