2 year old letter to Brooklyn

Dear Brooklyn Belle,

You are 2!!! Or 9 which is how old you always say that you are haha. Being your mommy is so so special Brookie! You have so much personality and I always want to remember the little things that make you well, you! You LOVE your family!! You come running to mama if you need something, if you are tired, if you want my help, if you want to show me something and your random hugs and kisses are the best things ever! You and your daddy are 2 peas in a pod! You look like twins and you act like it haha. Whenever you want a treat or pop (popsicle) you look at daddy and start tiptoeing into the kitchen with him to get something. You also love bringing your chair over to sit right next to him. And you always want to go on his heb (head) and have him run around. Then there is your sister who truly is your best friend! You want to be EXACTLY like her. Whatever she has you want, wherever she is you want to be, and whatever she is doing you want to do too. You always say ME! Because you don’t want to miss out on a thing. Even though you are the baby in the family that doesn’t stop you from saying NO if you see someone doing something they aren’t supposed to (like sissy jumping on the couch or clothes left on the floor). You might be one of the biggest mess makers but you also love to wipe things up and vacuum and push around my steam cleaner. Anytime you get offended you’ll yell HEY and it’s hard not to laugh. You rarely cry if you get hurt but the second someone offends you it sets you off. You are one tough cookie! You constantly climb and sometimes get hurt but rarely cry! You also recently hate when you shirt is all rolled up and your belly hangs out. You’ll always fix anyone else’s shirts that are rolled up too. Those little things about you are something I always want to remember. When it comes to what to wear it’s ELSA ELSA ELSA. You rotate through your Elsa night gowns, Elsa pjs, Elsa shirt, and Elsa dress up dress. I love that you know exactly what you want! I don’t worry about people pushing you around because your fiesty personality won’t let that happen! You go from being so independent and grown up to wanting to be held like a baby and rocked haha. You also love when sissy carries you around or pushes you in the baby doll stroller. You would have a million babies if you could! Anytime we see a baby you get so excited and want to touch them. You already have nurturing motherly qualities that are so special to see. Your sweet heart, silly dances (always with your elbow), wild curly hair, ability to climb on everything in sight, fiesty attitude, belly laugh, orangutan run, crooked teeth, and cheesy smile are all SO special to us and I want to remember it all! You are also starting to understand God and Jesus and I can’t wait to watch your relationship with him grow. “God please give me a happy heart amen” is a prayer we repeat with you often and it’s so cute to watch you remember it. Basically Brookie you are one of a kind and we all love you so so much!!


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