Brooklyn’s 1 Year Letter

Dear Brooklyn,

You are one!! How in the world did this year fly by so fast?! I feel like it was just the other day we were on our way to the hospital about to have you in the car haha. But I also feel like you’ve always been with us. Our family isn’t complete without you and we all love you so much!  We prayed for you for so long and having you is so special to us! We prayed for a little baby that felt like a baby (because your sissy always felt so grown up to us) and that’s exactly what we got! You are our petite, feisty, silly, independent, dancing, adorable, strong little girl!

You have such a special bond with each one of us. Your sister is by far your favorite person. You always want to be playing with what she’s playing with, crawl on top of her and she’s the only one you like giving kisses to. Your daddy and you also have a very special relationship. You always reach for him and want to climb all over him! And when he has to leave for work you are always crawling to the door to wave goodbye to him. And now I might not be as fun as your daddy and sissy but you seem to find your safe place in me. You always want me to be in your eyesight and anytime you get tired or upset you come straight to mama. I love having you as an extra limb as I go about my day!

Watching your personality blossom this past year has been so special! When you were first born you slept ALL the time! And I think maybe that’s why you don’t sleep through the night yet because you have all that extra sleep saved up haha. You do take 2 naps a day which is great! And you always lay down awake and put yourself to sleep which is AMAZING! You are such a smart little girl too! You figure out how to open things, take small stickers off of stuff, take your shirt off, and you love playing with household things. You are our little girl but our big eater! You eat just about anything I put in front of you and a lot of it! You would eat puffs all day if I let you. When you are hungry you go “um num num”. It’s the cutest thing ever! Although you don’t say much you can communiticate what you want so well! You love to imitate people and dance to make us laugh. The second any song comes on your little booty gets shakin! You also have the cutest 2 big front teeth with a gap in the middle! When you do your scrunchy nose smile it’s the cutest thing ever! Between your goofy faces, 2 big gap teeth, and crazy curly hair falling in your face it’s basically the cutest thing we’ve ever seen! That’s why the word silly describes you so perfectly.

We love you SO SO much Brookie! Thank you for being our baby and we can’t wait to watch you grow up into such a special little girl!



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