Homeschool Plan!

Growing up I wanted to be a mom and a teacher so homeschooling Avery is the best of both worlds! Avery does performing arts preschool 3 days a week for 3 hours each day and then we also do homeschooling throughout the week. It’s nothing major or time consuming it just gives Avery and I a chance to do something just the two of us while she learns more and more! She LOVES learning so much! Days where she finishes her school stuff quickly she asks to do more and when she learns how to do something new she lights up! Recently she learned my phone number so now I get lots of phone calls from the home phone even while I’m in the same room she is haha. Anyways! Basically I wanted to write this blog to show people who were curious what homeschooling a preschooler looks like in our home and the curriculum I’ve put together. Also this is great for me to reference back on this in years to come!

Basically the first thing in my preschool planner is our daily plan. This is what each day looks like and by doing the same routine each day Avery knows what to expect. I also use the sticky notes for 2 different reasons. The pink ones are for unit activities for each week that I then put into the week plan once I have all the activities compiled. Then the blue sticky notes are for things I need to prep for that week.

Next I have the year at a glance with my unit ideas, basic units and activities (for when Avery wants to do more that what I’ve planned and prepped for), sensory bin ideas for each month and what goes in them, field trip ideas, and gross and fine motor skill activities.

I also thought I would show you a glance at our weekly planners for the rest of September. This week we are learning about food and nutrition and next week we are learning about the season of Fall! As you can see for the season of Fall week I still need to prep 2 things for it but that blue sticky note helps me to remember so I don’t go to do an activity with Avery and realize I haven’t prepped for it.


We also can’t forget the Stickers! Avery thinks it’s so fun to put stickers on her work that she’s finished like her teacher at school does 🙂

There you have it! Our homeschool preschool plan! It’s mostly just fun learning activities for Avery and I to do together. I love being Avery’s teacher so let’s hope Brooklyn has the same love of learning!

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