Our Summer Schedule!

We love summer in this house!! We love all the activities there are to do, the crazy Southern storms, and the chance to relax as a family. This is the first year that Avery has done performing arts preschool so really it’s the first time she’s ever had a summer break. I’m determined to make each summer break as fun and special as I can for the girls! 

Before summer Avery and I sat down and she told me all the things she wanted to do that summer (and I added a few things I thought she would like to do). And then I took that list and separated it out. We decided this summer to do a different theme for each day of the week that way we get to do lots of fun stuff! It’s the worst when you make a big bucket list only to end up doing a few things on it because you forgot about it! 

So our theme of the day looks like this:

Make Something Monday

Take a Trip Tuesday 

Water Wednesday

TV Thursday

Fun Friday

And the weekend is for whatever we want! Avery usually has a sleepover with us one night on the weekend too which we all cherish! Now if you are looking for some summer ideas keep reading because I’m listing all the ideas we have for our theme days! 

Make Something Monday: Build a stage, bake a treat, make ice cream sandwiches, make popsicles, build our own pizza, make necklaces, and make homemade bread.

Take a Trip Tuesday: Smokies baseball game, aquarium, putt putt golfing, walk to the park and have a picnic, library, get frozen yogurt, farmers market, drive in movies, market square and world fair splash pad, park, berry picking, zoo and splash pad, get a toy date, Braves baseball game, build a bear and bowling.

Water Wednesday: Splash pad, sprinkler on trampoline, toy car wash, water table, colored whisking bubbles, pouring water station, get little pool out, go to pool, and sprinkler in driveway.

TV Thursday: Watch funny YouTube videos, watch a new movie, and go to the movies.

For Fun Friday and the weekend we have a list of inside things and outside things.

Inside Things: crafts, build a fort, Game night, bowling in hallway, scavenger hunt with toys, make a city and road with painters tape, build things out of cardboard boxes, sticky spiderweb game with tape, giant tic-tac-toe board with paper plates, paint, play hot lava with pillows, and make LOL fizz balls.

Outside Things: Play with outdoor toys, melt crayons in the sun, giant parachute and plastic balls, Play T-ball, hopscotch, jump on trampoline, plant new things in garden and dig in the dirt, read books outside on back porch during a storm, make a fire and roast marshmallows, catch fireflies, have a picnic, make giant soap bubbles, lemonade stand, chalk paint, bubble blowing contest, paint on cardboard boxes, water beads in tub outside, and make an obstacle course with pop up tent and ball pit.

And there we have it! So far we’ve done 37 of these 65 things. And some of the things we’ve done a couple times! I want the girls to look back on summers and have so many fun memories. I hope we gave you some new ideas on fun things to do with your kiddos because they deserve it! Thanks for reading and enjoy SUMMER! 

One thought on “Our Summer Schedule!

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