My High School Graduation

Seeing all these posts about HS graduation makes me think back to when I finished high school. It was a much different picture but it was perfect!! For those that don’t know, I decided to do my junior and senior year of high school online because Avery was due in the middle of my junior year and I knew I wanted to always be with her. I never pictured my high school experience like that but Avery is the biggest blessing ever!! I spent countless months typing while nursing her, studying while she played next to me, and taking tests while she napped in my arms. Avery finished high school with me and it was so special! Since I was doing school online I was able to work ahead which was great! So there I was in the middle of May sitting on the ground surrounded by toys sending in my last assignment. It felt SO good to be done! And even though I didn’t walk across a stage it still meant the world to me because I had my daughter and Josh (at that time he was my fiancé) with me. Having a baby in the middle of high school was not an easy route AT ALL but it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. And I feel like Avery and I will always have a special bond because of it!

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