7 Spring cleaning and organizing tips!

I am officially done with my spring cleaning/ organizing/ tackling project list month of April! Before the summer I always like to deep clean my house because it helps me be able to relax more with Avery but this year I decided to kick it up a notch! I felt like we had so much stuff in our house that we didn’t need and it was driving me crazy! So I decided that I would take the whole month of April (Avery’s summer break starts mid May) and tackle all of my cleaning, organizing and projects that needed to get done. I started the day after Easter April 2nd and finished Sunday April 29th. I took off a few Sundays to relax but the other 6 days a week I was working my butt off during the day and after the girls went to bed. I probably could have finished everything in 2 weeks but life and kiddos made it take a little longer.
Now I only have 1 more big task to do and that’s my yard sale! I am preparing for it all next week and if weather allows I’ll be doing it next weekend!
It feels so good to have all these things accomplished so I wanted to write this blog post to hopefully encourage people and give them tips if they are trying to do the same thing! Sooo here goes my tips!!
1. Plan it out and start! In March I wrote down everything that needed to be cleaned, organized, outside stuff that needed to be done, and projects that needed to be done. Then I decided it was reasonable for me to do the upstairs one week, downstairs one week, outside one week and projects one week. Then each week I would write down which days I was doing each task. Which brings me to my next tip!
2. Look at your calendar and account for days you can’t do as much or days you can do more. Josh’s off days I was able to get more done but then the days we had appointments or errands I had to plan on not doing as much.
3. Another thing that really helped me was walking through our house at the beginning of the month and making a list of any organizing things I needed. I love the dollar stores white bins because they have tons of sizes and you can’t beat the price! Its helpful if you like everything to be in a basket or bin like I do haha.
4. Tackle your biggest job first! My biggest job was the attic so the first day of my spring cleaning month I took EVERYTHING down from the attic. This was a heck of a workout! But after a couple days I finished it and it felt amazing to start of my month off with that huge chore out of the way!
5. Don’t try going through your kids stuff with them in the room! Avery was so excited that I found toys in her closet she had forgotten about and refused to get rid of anything. I ended up finishing her room without her and hopefully when she sees her stuff in the yard sale she will be ok with it since she gets the money from her stuff!
6. Don’t get discouraged when your house looks like a mess even though you’ve been working your butt off cleaning it. Organizing is messy and there will be a lot of piles until you are all done. I currently have all the yard sale stuff in the dining room and even though I hate that it’s piled up in there I know it’ll be gone soon!
7. And last but not least look back at all you have accomplished to encourage yourself to finish! Once I started week 3 I was a little run down and not wanting to do all the outside work I knew I had ahead of me. But then I looked back at what I had accomplished and remembered the reason I was doing all of this was so that I could spend all summer doing fun things with my girls.

I was trying not to make this blog post super long but I failed at that haha. I hope my tips were helpful and made you want to organize your home/life so you can relax more as well! Oh and if I missed any questions you had leave them in the comments so I can respond to them! 🙂 thanks for reading!

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