How we discipline

Discipline and handling kids being disobedient is a hard topic to discuss. There are a million different ways to discipline and every kid is different so you have to adjust accordingly. Who knows maybe what we are doing now for Avery won’t quite work for Brooklyn and we might have to make some changes. Luckily Josh and I feel the same about disciplining. We aren’t a fan of spanking and we feel that the basis of our rules should be the same for everyone even if we need to go about it different ways from kid to kid. Although I will say I do more of the disciplining than he does haha. It’s hard for fun daddy to tell his sweet girls no.
Luckily we have been blessed with very good and sweet girls! We never went through the “terrible twos” with Avery and she’s never gotten in huge trouble or anything. I think she’s become a little more sensitive and tests what she can do since Brooklyn has been born. She went from literally having my attention all day every day to having to share my time especially since Brooklyn doesn’t really nap much. I would be pretty upset with that too so I try to be as understanding as possible without letting her get away with bad behavior. Lately if she gets her feelings hurt or if she’s emotional she will not listen to directions, sometimes raise her voice and then go pout and possibly cry in a corner. I usually then walk over to her and ask if she’s ready to talk. If she says no or if she’s rude at all I tell her when she’s ready to be sweet I’d love to talk to her and then I walk away. Normally she gets her crying out and then says she ready. So I walk back over and we talk. We talk about what she did, why it was wrong and then she wants to apologize. Once she calms down she genuinely feels bad for misbehaving and we’ve found time-outs work the best for Avery and us right now. When she was a little younger we tried the flicking thing but that didn’t work for Avery. She would put her arm out for us to flick because it really didn’t bother her. Soooo we got rid of that haha. Avery can be very sensitive so we make sure our disciplining actually gets through to her on the why it’s wrong part. If you raise your voice or use a rude tone at Avery she completely shuts down. I’m not one to raise my voice but sometimes if I’m stressed my voice gets a little snappy and that makes Avery not only not do what I’m asking but it really upsets her. So we try to speak as nicely as possible but still make sure to discipline her correctly and not let her get away with bad behavior. We continue to tell Avery that we discipline her because we love her. If we didn’t care about her then we wouldn’t care how she acts. I think this is starting to sink in a little for her. Avery’s heart is so sweet that it makes our job as parents much easier! Hoping Brooklyn will follow in her sissy’s footprints! And from what I can tell she already is. We are very blessed with sweet and big hearted daughters!

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