My calling

I truly believe that the calling God has given me is motherhood. It’s who I am and my whole world. Besides being a daughter of Christ and a wife, being a mother is who I am. I often hear people say they don’t want being a mom to define them but I completely disagree. I say it defines me in the best way and instead of losing myself when I became a mother I found myself and what I was supposed to do forever. When I became a mother at 17 my whole world changed. I felt this unbelievable bond with my daughter and all my focus was now on her. As soon as she was born my worries were focused on if my brand new baby girl was breathing, having enough wet diapers, full and happy. And that felt so completely natural. I never thought I would have kids so young but I knew above anything else I wanted to be a mother one day. Growing up I would always play house and pretend to be the Mama taking care of my babies. Even though getting pregnant with Avery at 16 and then having her at 17 was a bit more work I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I grew up for Avery. I put myself aside so that I could focus on my daughter and pour myself into her. In the almost 4 years that I’ve been a mother not once have I felt like I missed out on anything. And that’s how I know it’s right and my calling. I never thought “I wish I could have a night off” or “I wish I could go to an actual high school”. I absolutely loved staying home with Avery and doing my schoolwork while I nursed her or she laid next to me. Spending all day/night and every day with my girls is the biggest blessing in the world! I’ve very lucky that Josh works as hard as he does so that I can be home and be the best possible Mama, wife and homemaker! As I come up on my 21st birthday it’s funny because I feel much older than that. Most of my mom friends are obviously much older than I am and I’m lucky that they treat me like all the other moms and not different just because I’m younger. To me my age is just a number and I know I’m not an average 21 year old. Instead of spending my 21st birthday having my first drink I’ll be going out to dinner with my husband and daughters enjoying all that God has given me. I really can’t even put into words how blessed I feel to call Josh my husband and Avery and Brooklyn my daughters. Josh has given me the best gift he could ever give me and that’s my girls! Being a mother is exactly what I am supposed to be doing and it’ll forever be my calling.

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