Being a mother of two!

Going from being a mom of just one to being a mom of two isn’t the easiest thing in the world! Sometimes tending to the needs of two kiddos is challenging. I knew leading up to Brooklyn being born things would be different but it hits you pretty hard that first day when you are exhausted from giving birth and can’t give all that you want to both kids. Brooklyn was born 11:34pm on Wednesday, that night my mother in law was with Avery as we headed to the hospital and then brought Avery Thursday morning to see her new baby sister. Thursday night when my mother in law and Avery left to go back to our house I cried to Josh! My heart was aching because my oldest daughter was leaving and going to be going to bed without her mama. In that moment I thought I don’t know how to be the mother I want to be to both little girls. I wanted to pour myself into both of them but wasn’t sure how that would look or be possible. Before Brooklyn Avery was my whole world! Every single day all day long I was either with her or while she was at ballet school I’d be getting things done so I could spend all my time with her as soon as she was home. Avery is my first baby and she will always be my first baby. Having Avery at 17 made us incredibly close because I had to completely change focusing on myself to focusing on her. Avery helped me mature and made me exactly the person I want to be. And for that we will always have this special bond.
Knowing the bond Avery and I have I was worried before Brooklyn was born how Brooklyn and I would have that kind of bond. Luckily my worries are completely gone! Brooklyn is just as much my daughter as Avery is and I love her just as much. Other moms said that your heart just grows bigger when you have two kids and I thought there’s no way I could love anyone as much as I love Avery but they were right! Brooklyn depends on me for absolutely everything and I feel blessed that I get the job of being her mommy. When she lays on my chest at night it’s the best feeling ever! Brooklyn is a super easy baby which makes the transition a lot smoother! Even with her being easy she still has needs that have to be met and sometimes it’s the same time that Avery needs something. I’m still figuring out the being a mom of 2 gig but I think we’ve been adjusting to it pretty well! I just take it one task at a time and luckily my body is adjusting to the lack of sleep. Josh goes back to work tomorrow so pray that everything goes smoothly in our house without him! We are completely blessed to have 2 amazing, healthy and happy daughters! I couldn’t imagine our lives without Avery and Brooklyn and I love being a family of 4. God calmed all our fears and totally blessed us! My daughters are totally worth all the work it takes being a mom of 2!

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