My 15 favorite Instagram photos and the meaning behind them!

I’ve been looking back at all of my Instagram photos lately and reminiscing about all the special memories. So I thought why not make a blog with some of my favorite photos I’ve posted and why they are my favorite. I decided to find my 15 favorite photos and with me having over 700 posts narrowing it down to 15 was HARD!! So without further ado here’s my top 15 photos I’ve ever posted:


1. 3-3-14. The day Avery was born and made me mother. After going through 12 hours of labor I was so excited once our daughter was finally in our arms. She was born at 3:39pm, 7 pounds 5 oz, and 19 3/4 inches long. I was so happy to be a mother and yet at the same time kind of terrified that I was fully responsible for this little human being. Luckily Josh and I fully jumped into parenthood together and have enjoyed every bit of it!


2. 8-24-14. We were on the airplane on our way to Hawaii and Josh totally surprised me and proposed to me on the airplane! Josh and his step dad were going on a work trip to Kauai, Hawaii and Josh’s mom, Avery and I tagged along. His parents were in first class and we were back in coach when Josh went up to go talk to them and I stayed back in our seats with Avery. Then Josh’s mom came back and was playing with Avery when all of a sudden I heard my name being called over the intercom. Even then I didn’t think anything of it and walked up to the front of the airplane. That’s when I saw Josh kneeling on one knee!! I was so shocked and excited I couldn’t even talk! I just kept shaking my head yes, kissed and hugged him!


3. 8-28-14. Our trip to Kauai was one of my all time favorite trips we’ve taken. Avery was only almost 6 months old but she had a blast! She loved swimming in the pool with us and tried plain shaved ice (mama’s favorite) for the first time. The memories we made on that trip I’ll treasure forever.


4. 3-27-15. When I was 8 months pregnant with Avery we had our maternity photos done and then when she turned a year old we took family photos in the same spot. I love the side by side showing how much changed in a year!


5. 5-28-15. Even though there is laundry all around her this is one of my all time favorite photos of Avery! I want to always remember that scrunchy nose smile and those chubby legs!


6. 7-10-15. Our wedding was such a special day!! It wasn’t a stressful day and we had so much family around us celebrating us starting our lives together. And it was really special that Avery was able to be a part of the wedding and see her mommy and daddy get married.


7. 7-17-15. We moved into our beautiful home! Since we were in Washington and our home was in Tennessee we didn’t get to see the building process or even walk through our home until the closing day. This house has felt like home since the minute we walked in!


8. 1-27-16. Our first trip to Disney World. Avery had an absolute blast in Disney World! It was such a fun trip to take as a family since I had never been to Disney World before either. We will for sure go back with Avery and Brooklyn once Brooklyn gets to the age where she can enjoy it like Avery did.


9. 3-29-16. Our trip to Europe was also one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever been on. It was a 2 month long trip and 6 different countries. Luckily Avery was already a pro traveler so that made it much easier!! This photo was taken on the steps of the Sacré- Cœur (sacred heart) with the city of Paris behind us.


10. 4-1-16. Even though I already have a favorite photo from our Europe trip I had to add this one because I love it! We were out walking one morning in Paris and stopped to admire the gorgeous view. (You can see the Eiffel Tower in the background)


11. 6-19-16. This was Father’s Day last year when Avery and I took Josh to the zoo as a part of his Father’s Day gift. Josh and Avery are 2 peas in a pod and whenever we are out and about they are attached at the hip! Their love is so special and genuine! I love watching them and being the photographer!


12. 1-28-17. I love this photo because she has such a sweet smile! I feel like this picture describes us perfectly with her having the cutest smile ever and me loving on her. I kiss Avery at least 100 times a day!


13. 3-7-17. We announced that we were pregnant with baby number 2! We had been trying for a little while and had some complications a few months before so we were overjoyed to find out we were expecting! And now we are only about a month away from my due date!


14. 5-17-17. Avery’s first professional ballet photos! This is her second year of ballet/tap and she loves it! Funny story about this is the day of the photoshoot Avery was being really shy and didn’t want her photo taken. She let all the other little girls go ahead of her and then she surprised me when it was her turn. She gave the cutest smile and pose ever! This was the first picture they took and since it was perfect they didn’t need to take anymore.


15. 8-14-17. Avery’s first day of preschool! We’ve been doing homeschooling for 6 weeks now and love it! Avery and I get good time together and she learns so much. It’s been so special to watch her learn new things and master things that she’s been working on! I don’t know how long we will homeschool her but I absolutely love it!

And there you have it! My 15 favorite photos I’ve posted. Comment below which of these photos is your favorite 🙂 I’d love to read about it!!

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