Brooklyn’s Nursery Reveal!

We have finished Brooklyn’s nursery and I’m so excited! I’m 34 weeks along and it’s nice to have the major task done in case she comes earlier than expected. Avery didn’t have her own room until we moved to Tennessee so it was very exciting designing and making things for a nursery this time around. We decided to go with lavender, gray and white for her room because Avery’s room right across the hall is pink, gray and white. I love walking by and seeing two sweet little girl rooms all done up!
Ok now to all the photos!

Here is our sweet Brooklyn’s nursery! We thought about painting the walls but decided not to just to make things easier. We also added in several shades of purple to give it a nice relaxing feel.

This is her dresser and changing station. Her dresser has all her socks, disposable diapers, cloth diapers, blankets, bedding, burp cloths, bibs, hats, and miscellaneous baby stuff. We secured her changing pad on top and added a lamp, wipe warmer and some decor on it. We also made the frame that hangs above the dresser. I wanted a big frame so that I could hang photos inside of it but the price of frames is crazy! So we decided to go to Lowe’s and buy some trim, purple paint, gray chalk paint, and the necessary things to hang it. Once we mitered the corners and glued them together we used corner brackets just to make it a little for secure. Then I painted it purple and put a gray chalk finish on top. I already had the twine and cloths pins at home so after I hot glued it to the back it was finished! We also put a diaper genie, small garage can and hamper next to the dresser. We will only use the diaper genie while she’s in disposable for the first couple months and then the little garage can will be for wipes once we start using cloth diapers.

The crib in Brooklyn’s room is the crib Josh bought for Avery before she was born but little did we know Avery would hate sleeping in cribs. She used this bed as a toddler bed (it’s a convertible crib) for a couple months before needing more space and transitioning into her full bed she has now. Luckily Brooklyn won’t know any different so we will get more use out of the crib this time. Brooklyn and Avery’s Nanny made the pillows in the crib as well as the curtains to tie everything together. We also got Brooklyn the same bunny Avery has with her name embroidered along the ear. I wanted her name somewhere in the room so we got wooden letters and painted them the 3 different shades of purple and attached purple ribbon to the back of each one.

Next to the window in one corner we have her glider and in the other we have her bouncy seat. Avery absolutely loves laying in this bouncy seat, luckily it has yet to break!

By the door I made and hung a hair clip and headband frame just like Avery has in her room. It’s the best thing ever to have them all out and easy to get to! Avery’s is much bigger but I can always borrow any of Avery’s bows for Brooklyn if I need to. She also has a little basket of books on the floor. Avery has the big bookcase in her room so I just plan on switching out some of the books every now and then.
Now onto the closet! I’ve very glad we kept literally everything from when Avery was a baby! Avery was born in the spring and Brooklyn will be born in the fall so some of the things didn’t work but luckily most of it did! The bins on the top shelf hold things such as my pump, clothes that eventually will be too small, wipes, disposable cloth diaper inserts, front packs and miscellaneous baby gear.

The little shelves on the side hold all bottoms and shoes. I also made size rings that way I could organize all of her clothes by size to keep it easy. On the back of the door I have an organizer for hangers, medicine, and tights.
I also made these 2 baskets for the AM nurses and PM nurses that will take care of us while we are in the hospital.
And that’s Brooklyn’s room! I loved designing every part of this room and making it so special! Can’t wait to have our baby Brooklyn in here!

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