Must do Fall Ideas!

It’s a little bit of a cooler day today for us and it makes me so excited for fall! This year fall is even better because Brooklyn is due at the end of October. In our house we all LOVE fall and winter! Cuddling up inside while it’s cold and storming outside is one of our favorite things to do. At the beginning of each season I think about all the things I want us to do as a family that season. I love sharing with you guys what we plan on doing that way maybe you can add some ideas to your fall bucket list. Even though we will have a newborn during the end of fall I still want to make it as fun as possible for Avery. So here is our must do fall ideas:
– Decorate our house and porch for fall
– Fall crafts (anything with pumpkins and leaves!) We do a ton of crafts in our house and fall crafts happen to be my favorite! I’ll try to tie in a lot of fall crafts with our school time as well.
– Go to a pumpkin patch of course!
– Make caramel apples for neighbors
– Do a fire outside with smores
– Carve pumpkins and roast the pumpkin seeds
– Bake bake bake! We bake a lot and I already have a list of things I want to make this fall season. (Pies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin old fashion doughnuts, apple cream cheese bundt cake, and lots more!)
– Boil apples, oranges, and cinnamon on the stove to make the house smell like heaven!
– “Movies on market square”. In September and October our city shows a movie every Friday night downtown. They set up a big screen outside in the middle of the square and people bring blankets and chairs to cozy up and watch movies.
– Go apple picking
– Visit gatlinburg (see the mountains and leaves changing, window shop, walk around, eat yummy food)
– Read outside on the front porch with blankets
– Make a thankful list
– Have a popcorn movie day
– Visit a farm
– Have a family game night
– Jump in leaf piles
– Take a foggy morning walk
– Go window shopping
– Do thanksgiving dinner
– Eat candy corn pumpkins (a must!)
– Make kettle corn (first time attempting to make it!)
– Visit farmers market
– Make apple cider
– Have a tea party with homemade cookies and tea
– Splash in puddles (Avery’s favorite!)
– Make new crock pot recipes
– Finish my book I’ve started reading
– Breath in crisp fall air (nothing beats the smell of fall outside!)
– Cuddle up inside with the fire going
– And just enjoy my wonderful family!
Each season brings something new and exciting. This season we get to enjoy all of the best things about fall and add another sweet baby girl to our family! Can’t wait to enjoy every minute of this season with Josh, Avery and Brooklyn!

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