2 months left!

I have a little less than 2 months until my due date! I’m feeling huge and ready! I love feeling Brooklyn wiggling around inside of me but I’m very ready for her to come out so I can cuddle her. My body has felt the changes of this pregnancy a lot more than my pregnancy with Avery. Since it’s my second baby I guess my body knew exactly what it needed to so it started a lot earlier. Even though my belly isn’t as huge as it was last time I’ve gained 21 pounds already. The pressure and pain is REAL right now! I laugh at myself because I can’t get up or move a lot without grunting or making noise. Brooklyn was breech but she has flipped thank goodness and hoping she doesn’t flip back. Avery is constantly loving on my tummy it’s the cutest thing ever! She loves talking to baby Brooklyn, hugging my belly, singing to her and playing with all her toys in the nursery.
We are in full baby prep mode at our house right now! I could be wrong but I have a feeling Brooklyn is going to be a little early so I’m making sure I get everything done as soon as possible. Brooklyn’s nursery is almost all done we just have to install the chandelier and make a big picture frame out of trim to hang on the wall. Then I still need to make my birth plan, stock up on all our household supplies, pack everyone’s hospital bags, get my hair cut and colored for the last time for awhile, do a little family maternity photoshoot, see if my pump still works, go on a special date with Josh and do something special just Josh, Avery and I. Some of these things I’ll have to wait until closer to do but I’ll be able to relax once I get most of it done.
Even with the aches, pains and all the weight from pregnancy I’m trying my best to enjoy it as much as I can. This won’t be my last pregnancy but since we invest so much time and attention in our kids they will all probably have a little bit of an age gap to make sure each kid gets all that they need. Being a mom is exactly what I was always meant to do and even though it’s exhausting it’s worth every single moment. I can’t imagine not pouring all of myself into my kiddos. I have been so lucky to be Avery’s mama and I already love being Brooklyn’s mama too. These girls are my whole world!! Can’t wait for our sweet Brooklyn Belle to be born!

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