2nd Trimester Recap!!

I am 28 weeks and officially in the third trimester! I feel like this pregnancy has flown by! (It’s probably because I’ve been go go go this whole time haha). Right now Brooklyn is the size of a coconut and I have gained 17.5 pounds so far. My belly isn’t tiny to me but often people think it’s small because she’s so low and my belly starts pushing out under my pants line where most people don’t see it. In both my pregnancies my weight has gone mostly to my sides and thighs unfortunately but I’ve learned to accept it and enjoy my pregnancy! I workout Monday-Friday but nothing too intense, just some exercise to keep my body moving and feeling good. Brooklyn is also a mover and big time stretcher! She is pretty still when I am moving around during the day but the second I sit down to eat something or go to bed at night she goes crazy! Pregnancy insomnia is something that has been getting worse in the last couple weeks so praying for a good nights sleep soon. I also have had crazy bad back pain (thanks tilted uterus!), spider veins and varicose veins. I didn’t have spider veins or varicose veins when I was pregnant with Avery but it feels like I’m making up for it in this pregnancy. My veins were so painful one day that I couldn’t walk for more than a minute without having to sit down. I was worried it was possibly a blood clot since I had just gotten back from flying a long time but thankfully it turned out to just be a irritated vein. They seem to get worse when I am on my feet all day so I have to remind myself to take it easy sometimes. Even though I am a work from home mom I am rarely sitting down relaxing. I am a busy body so whether it’s something with Avery or a new project I’m doing I am usually on my feet. I have also noticed that I am almost ALWAYS hungry! I will eat and just a couple hours later feel like I am starving. This baby loves her some salty and spicy food! I would eat popcorn and hot tamales every night if I could. As soon as I eat something it barely takes any time at all before I feel her start wiggling and kicking up a storm. During my second trimester Josh and Avery both felt Brooklyn move for the first time and now they feel her kick lots! Avery is so excited it’s the cutest thing ever! She keeps telling me she wants Baby Brooklyn out today!! (9 months is a very long time to wait especially to a 3 year old!) We mostly call her Baby Brooklyn right now but I know she will have lots of nicknames just like Avery does. We have started working on her nursery and actually only have a couple more projects to do before we are finished with it yay! When I hung Brooklyn’s name over her crib Avery asked if it said Baby Brooklyn or just Brooklyn and when I told her it says Brooklyn she got upset because she wanted it to say Baby Brooklyn. I told her I didn’t have it say Baby Brooklyn because she won’t be a baby forever and this did not go over well with Avery! Avery insisted on the fact that Brooklyn will stay a baby forever because that’s what she wants so I told Avery she could always call Brooklyn her baby no matter how old she is. She took that answer and thankfully was okay with it. As we add more special touches to her room I fall more and more in love with it all. I love walking by her room and imagining what it will be like when she’s here and laying in her crib. I love that Avery and Brooklyn’s rooms are right next to each other because it feels like their bond is already starting to bloom. Avery absolutely loves playing with all her baby toys in Brooklyn’s room and laying in her crib haha. She loves hugging my belly and talking to her sister. Brooklyn is so loved and has no idea how much we want to see her, hold her, and kiss her! 12 more weeks and we will be adding another extraordinary little princess to our family!

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