2 Year Anniversary!!

Josh and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary yippie! Although we’ve only been married for 2 years I can’t remember what life was like without him. Getting married when you already have a 1 year old daughter makes it a little bit different than other people who are getting married. We didn’t have much of a honeymoon phase because we were already full time parents but our lives together have always been exactly how we would want it.

God has had his hand over and truly blessed our family and our relationship. Most often when you hear about 17 and 18 year olds becoming parents you don’t think about a dream wedding, dream home, lifelong marriage or growing family but that’s exactly what we have. And it’s all because of Him! When we were expecting Avery I was scared but ready to take on all the responsibilities of being a mother. And I was so lucky that Josh felt the same way I did. We were both willing to give everything to God and trust him with our relationship and daughter. And boy did he bless us!!! I was so shocked and beyond words excited when Josh proposed to me on our way to Hawaii as a family. I actually was so surprised that I couldn’t get any words out so I just kept shaking my head yes! Avery was about 5 months old and it meant the world to me that Avery would grow up with both her parents always around and married forever! I am so grateful to God that he picked Josh to walk along side me in our life journey! Josh has the incredible ability of making my day without even trying. Just being around him puts me in such a good mood. He can make me laugh until I almost pee my pants (and with being pregnant right now that happens quite a lot!). Also when I watch Josh with Avery it warms my heart! The way Avery looks at Josh is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. She’s just amazed at all the things he knows and thinks he’s the strongest person in the world. Avery and I think very highly of Josh and I feel very lucky to be married to him. I feel safe, beautiful, loved, cherished, valued, and appreciated with Josh. So basically this blog was just about how amazing my husband is and how happy I am to be able to celebrate our 2 year anniversary together! The great thing about getting married young is being married for that much longer! My life wouldn’t be complete without my husband. He will always have my heart and love! Here’s to 80 more years babe!

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