How I manage my many jobs!

Being pregnant, raising and teaching a preschooler, being a good wife, working part time from home and managing a household is EXHAUSTING! I will never say my job is easy but it’s the best job in the whole world! I wear many different hats and the best way I make sure everyone is happy and that I get everything done is by being organized. I’m naturally a very organized person and when you are a mom being organized makes things go a lot smoother! I also ask for God’s grace whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and I just focus on the important things.

I’m 5 months pregnant right now (actually 23 weeks but since I’m 4 months from my due date I just call it 5 months) and the weight is starting to hit me! I gained a lot with Avery and so far I’ve gained about 14 pounds with this pregnancy but any added weight in a short amount of time throws my body off a little. My back is hurting all the time (I had back labor with Avery so this to be expected) and I am tired! Since I don’t sleep good at night anymore and wake up at 6:45 every morning to workout I try to find time during the day to sit down and relax with Avery. Sometimes we watch a show, read books, play a card game, or play with her toys but it’s nice to put my feet up a little bit and give my body a break.
And of course my favorite job is being a mommy and teaching Avery. I try to do as many fun things with her as I can. Summer  weather in Tennessee is basically from the end of May to the end of September so we do lots of activities outside! She’s homeschooled and I love not only the extra time with her but watching her learn new things. We do a little bit of school each day and I try to keep it as interesting and fun as possible. So if one day we work on numbers we will do counting, number flash cards, tracing numbers, associating numbers with the amount of objects in front of her  and so forth. We don’t have a specific time of day we do school it just kind of depends on what else we have going on. Avery and I also try to go for a walk every day and it is fun for us to have time together getting exercise and hunting for bugs!
Another job that is very important to me is being a wife. Josh and I are coming up on our 2 year anniversary and can’t wait to one day be celebrating our 50th! God chose Josh to be my lifelong partner and he couldn’t have picked a better person for me! We are always supposed to put God first, our spouses second and our kids third. Having young children sometimes the second and third get mixed up but we are always working to put each other as our first priority after God. Sometimes we tell Avery that mommy and daddy are talking and that she will need to wait her turn to talk and that’s ok! Avery needs to see how much Josh and I love each other because we are wanting to set an example for her of what a marriage is supposed to look like. Luckily Josh is an extremely easy person to talk to, be around, and love! We do work at our marriage daily but it’s work that we gladly do because we love each other and love that God has put us together. We once made a list of how we most feel loved and Josh wrote that he feels most loved when I play baseball with him, show interest in things he wants to show me, massage his back and feet after work, listen to him, and make him yummy food and desserts. I don’t play baseball with him as much anymore because it tires me out way too much with this big belly but I really try to do the other things on his list whenever I can.
Another job I do is working from home. Luckily I only work 10 hours a week so it’s not too difficult but I am very grateful to make a little extra money for my family. Most of my work is either on my phone, my computer or doing photoshoots with products. So I try to get most of it done if Avery naps that day, while she’s playing with toys or with photoshoots I get her to help me!
And my last big job is managing our household. Josh works extremely hard and his job is all physical so besides mowing I try to do everything that involves our household. So whether it’s other yard work, bills, phone calls to make, budgeting, cleaning, laundry, or grocery shopping. I enjoy taking care of our house and since I’m pretty particular it’s a win win that Josh let’s me do things the way I want them done. Our system is that if I’m working on something myself on his days off he lets me do it while he plays with Avery. She always has the most fun with him and asks me when it will be the weekend because she knows that means daddy can play all day long. The way I keep up with everything I need to do is with a big calendar and chart. And I try to stick with doing the same chores on the same day of week. So for example on Mondays I do yard work, Tuesdays I do laundry and bills, Wednesdays I have my weekly bible study with my mother in law, Thursdays I work on cleaning the house, Fridays I finish cleaning whatever I didn’t do Thursday and make my grocery list, and on the weekends I go grocery shopping. When baby Brooklyn comes our schedule will change a little and I’ll focus more on only doing what I absolutely have to but for now that’s our household schedule.
I know this was kind of a long blog so for those of you who got to this point I hope you enjoyed reading about how I manage my many different jobs! I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have all that I do and I absolutely LOVE taking care of my family! I know this is what I was made to do 🙂

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