20 weeks!

I’m half way there! I know the first half goes by much quicker than the second because part of that time you don’t know your pregnant but we are that much closer to meeting our sweet girl! I had dreamed about being pregnant with our second baby and growing our family for awhile and now that’s it’s actually happening I couldn’t be happier! I know it will be an adjustment because Avery and I are so close and not having one on one time all day like usual will take some getting used to. The good news is that the bond that we will all have as a family and the bond Avery will have with her sister will be the most special thing ever! Avery and her sister bonding and their love toward one another is so important to Josh and I! We’ve already started saying more often that Avery is the most special 3 year old or most special Avery in the whole world instead of most special girl since we will soon have 2 girls. As we slowly introduce the fact that we will have 2 daughters now I think it will help instead of the moment the baby is born everything changing. Even now Avery is very excited to hold her baby and do lots to help out.
We are also working on Avery becoming more independent and she’s loving it! She is fully potty trained but still needs a little help getting on the potty and wiping so we are working on that now. She also loves the fact that she can use her step stool and brush her teeth all by herself. Also whenever I ask her to do something for me or go get me something she loves to do it and help. With her personality I know she’s going to be a great big sister!
Now that I’m in the second trimester things are much smoother. I am done with morning sickness which thankfully didn’t hit me super bad. It wasn’t fun at all but I didn’t throw up once. I’ve gained 11 pounds so far which is right on track for me. Right now the pregnancy symptoms I have are lots of back pain, pressure in my lower belly, tired more often and hungry all the time!! I’m still craving super sour stuff (like unripe blackberries, lemons, limes and sour candies!). This little girl is also a wiggle worm! Josh and Avery haven’t been able to feel her on the outside of my belly but inside I can feel her moving like crazy. Every time I sit or lay down she kicks me like she wants me to get up and walk around with her. That was exactly how Avery was as a baby and still likes to be held and have me walk around with her if she gets hurt or upset. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and we are excited to see our sweet baby girl again! Avery freaks out and gets so excited when she hears the baby’s heartbeat. This girl is already so loved!


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