We are having a girl!

We are having another girl!! Our household of 1 boy and 2 girls is changing to 1 boy and 3 girls! (Poor Josh is way outnumbered haha). Josh wants to for sure have 1 boy so it looks like we will eventually be having a total of 3 kiddos! Luckily we love being parents above anything else. We found out less than a week ago that we are having a girl and are already starting to imagine what having 2 girls will be like. It’ll be much easier to handle when they are younger I’m sure but Josh and I think we can handle it. I think Avery having a best friend for life is something that is so sweet and special. She already tells us that she wants to give her baby sister one of her dolls and show the baby all her favorite movies. She has made it clear that she wants her baby sister to call her “big sissy or sissy”. I CAN’T wait to get them matching outfits! I see those everywhere and think it’s so adorable. Josh and I always knew we wanted more than 1 kid and hearing how excited Avery is about her new baby makes me know that she needed a sibling. I pray all the time for their bond and that God will always bless their relationship. Even though siblings are bound to fight we hope that their love for one another will be stronger than any bickering they may do. We already know we want Avery helping with the baby as much as she can. She’s really hoping the baby will like bottles so that she can feed her (mama’s hoping to pump and have this baby like bottles too! – unlike her big sissy did!) We are prepared that our lives will change big time going from 1 kid to 2 but this baby in my tummy already feels like she fits right in. We have plenty of space and love to grow our family and we are overjoyed! I’m for sure hormonal because I am tearing up sitting here thinking of this sweet little baby who will come into this world in 23 weeks and be apart of our family forever! We love you so much little girl! Mama, Daddy and big sissy can’t wait to hold you, kiss you, smile at you, and most of all love you! ahhhhh! haha so basically boy or girl we would be excited but being able to actually use she, baby girl and her rather than baby makes things so much more real. As for names we will let everyone know what name we picked out as soon as we know for sure we aren’t going to change our minds. Thanks for reading this blog! If you have any other family/baby related blogs you want me to write comment so I can get working on some! And now here are the rest of our ultrasound photos we got. (Second photo is hard to see but little baby girl has her leg fully extended and you can see her leg and foot)


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