Some wise words!

Last Sunday our worship pastor said something that really resonated with me. He said put your hands out and think about what you have that you would be sad to lose. Then put those things in your hands and give it to God. I love that! We shouldn’t be sad to lose anything because that means we aren’t trusting God with everything. I instantly thought of losing Josh’s job, my job, our house, our car, and our savings. I would be sad to lose those things but in reality those aren’t our things to begin with. I thank God every day for all those things but do I give them up to Him daily? I shouldn’t be upset to lose anything because whatever God takes from us that means He has a better plan in mind and He knows what He’s doing. Everything we have is His and is temporary here. Luckily we aren’t meant to live on this earth forever and this life is as worse as it gets for us. (and our life is really great right now so I can’t wait to see what we have in store for us up in heaven) It’s going to be so much better when we are with Jesus forever! So I have no reason to be upset losing anything God has given me. Our jobs, money, car, and house are meaningless looking at the bigger picture. God won’t let us ever go without so I have no need to worry about losing anything or getting sad over it. I need to constantly remind myself that everything God has given to me I need to give back to Him because that shows that I trust Him. And my trust shows my love and obedience to Him. Anyways I thought that I would share this with you all because I think it is very important to think about what we would be afraid to lose and give all of that to God. Hope this was a nice read!

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