Spring Bucket List

Spring is finally here! I love winter because of the holidays but come January I’m ready for the warm weather. In Tennessee spring weather is usually sunny days, stormy nights, highs of 70’s and lows of 50’s. It’s perfect!! With all this perfect outdoor playing weather I thought I would write out some of the things we want to do this spring and some activities to do with your kiddos! Hope you enjoy!

  1. Start a fruit and veggie garden (make a special area for your kids to dig and go crazy)
  2. Bake new recipes (lemon blueberry bundt cake, lemon raspberry cheesecake bars, etc.)
  3. Make a sidewalk chalk town
  4. Make sidewalk chalk dance stations (twirl, touch your toes, hop on one foot, etc.)
  5. Play with parachute and plastic balls
  6. Scoop up plastic Easter eggs in bucket of water
  7. Catch bubbles in butterfly net
  8. Play T-ball with Avery
  9. Play catch with Josh
  10. Plant new flowers
  11. Go to a Tennessee Smokies game
  12. Visit Gatlinburg (and go to the aquarium)
  13. Make a bird feeder
  14. Decorate Easter eggs
  15. Walk to the park and get ice cream
  16. Read books outside
  17. Game night
  18. BBQ outside
  19. Start a fire and roast marshmallows
  20. Go to farmer’s market
  21. Have an outdoor tea party
  22. Go to the library
  23. Try a new restaurant
  24. Have a picnic
  25. Go on a bug hunt
  26. Visit a new park
  27. Make spring crafts
  28. Dye flowers with colored water
  29. Get outdoor games
  30. Make giant soap bubbles
  31. Get Avery some kind of house for outside
  32. Make a clever “no soliciting” sign
  33. Do something nice for neighbors
  34. Have a date night outside
  35. Get little pool out

And there you have it! 35 spring (some could be used as summer as well) ideas for your family. We can’t wait to get outside and start doing some of them!

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