Avery’s 3 year old letter

As some of you may know I write a letter to Avery every year around her birthday and I thought I would share this year’s letter on my blog! So here it is:

Dear Avery Gracie,

You are 3 years old!! Mama is amazed at the sweet, amazing, smart, kind, insightful, quick, whole hearted big girl you are. This past year has been my favorite age with you. You really started to have full conversations at 2 years old and it’s only grown since then. I absolutely LOVE talking to you. When daddy’s at work it’s just us girls and I love seeing your mind going when you tell me stories or do things together. You are crazy smart for your age as well! You already know how to count to 20, trace lines, trace your name, know all your shapes, know all your colors, and know several letters. You also like being smart at things outside of learning time. You always ask us to explain things and show you how everything works. I love your mind! You are so curious and it’s exciting to see your personality really come out. Another thing you do a lot right now is say “PLAY WITH ME” “PLAY WITH ME” “PLAY WITH ME” those 3 words are your favorite. Even if we have played with you all day it’s never enough haha. Yet when you do play by yourself you are so good at it and content. You also crack us up with some of the things you say! Such as “mama can I get comfy?” every single time you want to move when I’m putting you to bed. “I like the smell of your face when you take a shower, it smells nice”. When telling you no to something you say “I’m gonna tell you the truth. I’m gonna ask again and I don’t want you to say no ok?”. “Here you go mama you can massage me”. And you always have the song see you again stuck in your head and sing it so adorable! Right now your favorite foods are cheese pizza, yogurt, mac and cheese, avocados, peanut butter, cheese crackers, and of course chocolate. You started to like drinking milk but your favorite drink is still apple juice. You really love playing barbies, Phineas and Ferb, peppa pig and pretending to be a baby or taking care of your baby dolls. The different relationships you have with daddy and with me are really starting to grow and be known. Like you and your daddy always have the best time together and you always laugh like crazy with him. He also knows how to get your energy out more than anyone which is great! And with me you are more cuddly and want to do things together. Whether it’s doing an art project, playing with your toys or just me holding you and walking around. You still like me to be the one to put you to bed but you had your first sleep over not too long ago at Nanny’s house and did great! I love how close I feel to you and I pray that never goes away. I rarely am without you and that’s exactly how I like it. You are my little girl that’s always on my hip even if you are getting a little big to be carried. I’ll carry you until you no longer want me to. You are growing up into such an amazing girl and I am BEYOND proud to be your mama. I hope you read this when you get older and understand just a little bit more about how much I love you and how wonderful you are. Mama loves my Avery Gracie!

Love, Mama


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