My New Vanity!

I have wanted a spot to sit down and get ready at for as long as I can remember. Being able to sit down and have all my stuff in a specific spot makes getting ready actually enjoyable instead of just something I have to do. When picking out what I wanted for my vanity I know I wanted a cozy chair, lots of drawers and lots of white. So I got some inspiration and decided to do a table top and 2 drawers from IKEA and then I found my chair at a home store in our area. I love every part of my vanity so I thought it would be fun to show you guys what my vanity looks like and what things I have in all the drawers. So let’s get started!

15 16 17 18

This is my vanity! I love everything about my get ready area now! My chair is bigger than a normal chair so Avery sits up there with me while I get ready and I love that. On the left side I have my little mirror I use for my makeup because my sight is so awful, the home phone haha, a lamp that I use if I get ready before Josh wakes up, my 2 favorite perfumes, face lotion and a jar with all my brushes in it. In the middle I have my cheap version of a vanity mirror. Vanity mirrors and mirrors that make a tri fold to stand up alone are expensive! So instead of doing that I got this mirror for $5 at Target and used command strips to get it to stay in place. Then on the right of the tabletop I have a candle that smells amazing, 2 little jars with my rings and earrings inside, a jar of lip gloss, and a necklace hanger. I love how the tabletop looks so white and clean! Now I’ll show you whats in all the drawers.

24 19 20

The first 2 drawers are smaller than the bottom 3 which makes it nice since I don’t need them to be very deep. In my top drawer on the left it’s basically miscellaneous get ready stuff. Things I use every day even when I’m not getting ready. The second drawer has all my hair stuff I use for after a shower. I don’t use all this every time I just have options based on what my hair needs that day.

21 22 23

In the bottom 3 drawers I have more hair stuff. In the third drawer its hair products and clips. Fourth drawer are my hot tools. And the bottom drawer has my hot curlers.

25 26

Then on the right side I have my make up in the top two drawers.

27 28 29

In the third drawer I have all my lotions I’ve accumulated and sunglasses holders. In the fourth drawer Avery has her toys and lip gloss so that she has things to do while I get ready. And in the bottom drawer I’ve started an empties drawer for products I like and want to get again.

And that is my vanity! Now I really enjoy getting ready and taking my time when I can. I hope you guys found this blog interesting and liked taking a look into our lives a little bit more!

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