Done Nursing!

I nursed Avery for almost 2 years and 10 months! Nursing that long isn’t common but I did what Avery wanted and what was best for her. She never liked bottles, pacifiers, special blankets or stuffed animals. None of that stuff brought Avery comfort. Nursing was her comfort. And I was happy to provide that for her. That doesn’t mean some nights I didn’t wish someone else could put her to sleep because I did have those moments. Being the only one to be able to get Avery to sleep for almost 3 years is a lot on a mom! But I was amazed that I could provide nursing for her for so long. A couple months ago I noticed she didn’t really need to nurse she just wanted to because it made her fall asleep faster and she didn’t have to move around until she tired herself out. So I told Avery that the last time I would nurse her was Christmas Eve. Then when she wakes up Christmas morning she would be a big girl and no longer nurse. I think I was WAY more nervous than her! I kept thinking it was going to take hours to get her to sleep, she wouldn’t nap anymore, and that she would cry every time it was time for bed. I prayed and prayed and prayed that this would be a smooth transition for us both and that all my fears would go away. Then on Christmas night we got ready for bed. She started her night time routine at 8:00 which is an hour later than normal but we had a busy day! We laid in bed together and she started to get fussy and cried a little so I read Avery some books, massaged her and itched her back. Then after an hour she was asleep! And slept through the night! Which she RARELY did at the time! Then the next day she didn’t take a nap but went to bed in 30 min! Even with nursing it usually took at hour. The next day (dec 17) we tried nap time. It only took around 20 minutes! I started crying happy tears and thanked God for answering all my prayers. I wasn’t worried about nap time or bedtime and instead I enjoyed my quiet time with Avery. Now that we’ve stopped nursing for 2 weeks it takes about 30 minutes for Avery to fall asleep for nap time and about 45 min to 1 hour for bedtime. And all we do is read books, cuddle, tell stories and I massage her. Safe to say this went way easier than I expected! God is SOOO good! I mean I already knew this but I had been praying a lot about the process going smooth when I stop nursing Avery and he delivered! I was scared going into it but now we actually enjoy bedtime and nap time more than we ever have because we get good quality time together. And she’s been sleeping through the night ever since which has been so amazing!! So anyone who’s toddler has been very dependent on nursing but you are wanting to wean them there is hope that it will go smoothly! This process was the exact opposite of what I thought was going to happen but God’s plan is always better than ours and he always comes through for us! I absolutely loved nursing Avery and it gave us a bond that will always continue to grow even though the actual nursing has stopped. I loved my special nursing time with Avery and I love that I’ll always be her safe place!

2 thoughts on “Done Nursing!

  1. Way to go!! It’s amazing how sometimes, the nursing relationship evolves and changes (or ends) so smoothly. I have no advice for people when they ask me how I got my son to wean – he did it on his terms, woke up one morning, and decided he was finished. He was a little older than Avery, but it was still his choice! I was so sure my daughter would wean right at a year, but now I am reconsidering that – and, hoping she will still wean sooner, rather than later, but on her terms!

    Awesome job nursing as long as you did!

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