Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It is a little weird to no longer be writing 2016. It always takes me a good month to get used to it haha. Of course last night I was reflecting on our year as everyone does and I saw a lot of favor from God in our lives in 2016. He taught us patience, how to really lean on him and how ultimately he is in control and will work everything together for good. (Romans 8:28 will always be my favorite scripture) I thought it would be fun to share with all of you my top 16 moments and top 16 photos from 2016! So here we go!

Top 16 moments (in no particular order):

  1. Our first trip to Disney World. Our whole family especially Avery had a blast! Planning to go back soon!
  2. The start of our YouTube channel. We really need to post on there more because we always have so much fun doing it.
  3. Celebrated my 19th birthday with Josh and Avery. They made me feel so special!
  4. Celebrated Avery’s 2nd birthday. We did it with just family but she was so excited for the house to be decked out in bubble guppies decorations and got her new art table.
  5. Celebrated Josh’s 20th birthday in Scotland. (Seeing a pattern here? haha all of our birthdays are within a 20 day period)
  6. Went to Europe for 50 days!! (Scotland, Wales, France, Austria, Italy, and England)
  7. Did an escape room game with Josh in Scotland. It made us really bond and work together as a couple!
  8. Visited the Eiffel Tower and ate gelato in Paris.
  9. Did an in the air obstacle course with Josh in Austria. I got over my fear of heights and now I would do another one any day!
  10. Did a photo shoot with Avery in Venice, Italy. Checked off my bucket list!
  11. Visited the real Sound of Music house in Austria.
  12. Beat the southern heat with many trips to the Splash Pad with Avery.
  13. Celebrated Josh and I’s 1 year anniversary. MANY more to come!! 🙂
  14. Started my homemade waterproof bib and apron business.
  15. Went to Avery’s first MLB game. (Nationals vs. Braves)
  16. Avery started ballet. (now she has a lot of little girlfriends and it’s so cute!)

Top 16 photos (in no particular order):

IMG_0744  image image image image img_9744 img_2240 img_1943 img_9120-2 img_8711-1 img_3047 img_3274 img_1230 img_1190 willis_20-20_0x30 willis_15-20_0x30

And that’s my top 16 moments and photos! I know lots are from our trip to Europe but we were there for a long time and it was very memorable! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this next year!

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