Our Views on Santa

I have been asked numerous times what mine and Josh’s views on Santa are and I thought I would write a blog on it. Josh and I are FIRM believers that we should never lie to Avery. We want her to be honest with us therefore we need to be honest with her. And technically speaking telling our kids Santa is real is a lie. However, Santa is a fun part of Christmas time. In December Santa is in lots of movies, books, and at the mall. At first the thought of Santa coming down the chimney, eating our cookies and putting presents under the tree scared Avery more than it excited her. So we decided to tell her that Santa is more of a fun story around Christmas time and that there is a Santa at the mall but he doesn’t come inside our house. She liked this much better. So when we went to go get our photo taken with Santa the kids there were telling him what they wanted. Avery wanted to do this as well and she asked Santa for Phineas and Ferb toys. She told us that she wanted Phineas and Ferb toys from Santa so mama got her lap top out and started looking. These are HARD to find!! I looked and looked and ended up having to bid on them on Ebay and I get no credit haha. We weren’t planning on doing any presents from Santa but Avery wanted this one to be from Santa. She knows he isn’t real but she still likes the idea of telling Santa who she sees in all her Christmas movies what she wants and it coming true. We are still figuring out Santa in our house because her feelings might change in the years to come. But we don’t tell her “Santa is watching you better behave” or “Santa comes to our house on Christmas and fills the stockings and eats the cookies”. This won’t stop us from making cookies Christmas eve to eat though! Santa is a fun part of Christmas but he isn’t the reason for it. That’s really what we want Avery to understand. She knows that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and that’s why we celebrate it. (She still thinks Jesus is a baby because of all the nativity scenes though haha). Our traditions celebrate Jesus’ birth and celebrate the holiday season. We never want to put the focus on Santa so in our family Santa is more of a story that people talk about around Christmas time and he’s in lots of fun movies. And that’s our views on Santa! 7 more days until Christmas!

One thought on “Our Views on Santa

  1. Almost all kids love “pretend” and they certainly know the difference. It builds their thinking and imagination and development…they can be a guide for their own needs…just my opinion…


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