Craft Room/ Office Tour

Ok so we have 4 bedrooms in our house. Our room, Avery’s room, guest room, and Josh’s video game room/second guest room. Josh decided to move his TV and PlayStation to our room which is so much better because now I get to spend more time with him and we had an empty room that was begging for some creativity! πŸ™‚ So since I have a good amount of craft stuff and I work from home I decided to make it my craft room/home office. And after I was finished I took pictures of everything so you could all see how I set up and organized it all.

office-2 office-3

First off this picture was taken in the far corner of the room so the door would be in the top left corner. I have my big desk with cubbies on the side and Avery’s toddler bed across from it. Since she doesn’t use this bed anymore I decided to use it as a couch for her to hang out on while I work. And she has a basket of books and her bulletin board next to it.

office-6 office-5 office-4 office-7 office-8

This is the top of my desk with my tape dispenser, stapler, 3 boxes (with treats, post its, and misc office stuff), candle, cup of pens, and my little gold organizer with my papers to deal with, notebook and Christmas cards waiting to be mailed out!

office-22 office-23

Here is the printer, shredder, and my office supplies! I love pens if you can’t tell πŸ™‚

office-9 office-10 office-11 office-12 office-13

And this is the side of my desk. bottom shelf has my ribbons, photo, glue and extra glass jars. Middle shelf has extra craft project stuff, cards, and all my paints. Top shelf has my journals, hot glue gun, our wedding table center piece, and paint brushes. I love having all these things in one place!

office-14 office-21 office-15

And this is the closet in my craft room. It has all of our games on the top shelf, tubs (filled with older clothes for Avery, learning toys, and Christmas gifts!), basket of clothes to pack away, file cabinet, foot massager, my craft drawers and basket of party stuff.

office-18 office-19 office-20 office-17 office-16

In my first craft drawer I have a bin with random scrapbooking stuff, scrapbook paper, and all the stickers and stencils. In the second drawer I have a hold puncher and finished scrapbooks. Avery looks so little it’s crazy!! And in the last drawer I have extra rolls of paper for Avery’s art table, tissue paper, gift bags and a jar for bows.

With it set up like this it is so easy to find everything I need and work on all my craft projects! I love crafts and organizing so this was fun for me. This room will be getting a lot of use out of it!! If anyone has any really cool craft ideas let me know! πŸ™‚

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