Preparing for the holidays!

Preparing for the holidays is in full swing at our house! As I am writing this blog I’m laying next to a warm fire at my mother in law’s house. The crackles, smell and warmth is enough to put me to sleep! A real fire always makes me feel like we are in the holiday season! With thanksgiving next week and Christmas in 40 days I thought I would write about how our family prepares and enjoys the holidays to the fullest. Even though we only have 1 kiddo and all of our family except Josh’s mom & stepdad lives far away we still make the holidays as special as we can for Avery. We want her looking back and having the best childhood memories from this time of year.  Continue reading

Craft Room/ Office Tour

Ok so we have 4 bedrooms in our house. Our room, Avery’s room, guest room, and Josh’s video game room/second guest room. Josh decided to move his TV and PlayStation to our room which is so much better because now I get to spend more time with him and we had an empty room that was begging for some creativity! 🙂 Continue reading