Teaching Avery About God

Teaching Avery about God and raising her up like God wants is SOO important to Josh and I! We wouldn’t be the parents we are to Avery without him! Even before Avery was born we prayed for her all the time! For her personality, her future, her heart and her relationships. One thing my dad did for me which I loved was pray for my future husband even as a child. I love knowing that my dad prayed for Josh long before I knew him. I want Avery to find a husband just like Josh and be married forever! I know my dreams for Avery aren’t nearly as wonderful as God’s plans for her and I love that! Josh and I want Avery to follow God’s path for her and have the best life! Even at 2 Avery knows so much and I feel like there’s no reason to wait and tell her about God and Jesus. We talk about God often to her and it’s cute to see her begin to understand it. She knows that God lives up in the clouds and watches over her always. That he created all things and that the things we have are from him. She is also starting to get the meaning of Easter and Christmas (picture books help so much when teaching kids!) but she still loves that this means another reason to get chocolate and toys!
To help her have a strong relationship with God we pray with her and she tells God what she is thankful for (it’s usually toys, treats, mama and daddy or her friends). We want Avery to love God with all her heart. I want her to never be shy to pray or talk about him. She loves going to Sunday school and that makes me so happy! Right now they mostly play with other kids but as she learns different bible stories they will stay with her forever. I also love that worship music has a way of filling up a room. Having it playing puts me in a good mood and Avery picks up on that. Josh and I aren’t perfect by any means but that’s why I’m so happy we have God to help us!! Teaching Avery about God is one of the most important things to do as her parent. We are setting her up for the best relationship of her life! I truly believe that the reason Avery is so sweet and loving is because she had God shining through her. Avery is the biggest gift God has ever given us and we want to take care of her the best we can! We love raising Avery up in a Godly home and I hope a few of the things we do to teach Avery about God inspires some people! Have a great night!

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