Morning Routine

I thought I would write about our morning routine as a family that way you guys could get a better look into the Willis household. So here we go!

1. Wake up! I normally wake up at around 6:45 to get a few minutes to myself and read my bible before Avery gets up at 7 and then her and I head downstairs while we let Josh sleep. He normally works late so we let him sleep in a little bit.

2. 7:10am Avery gets all her toys out while watching tv while I get in a 30 min workout in the living room.

3. 7:40am I make some coffee and breakfast. Usually we eat waffles, oatmeal, eggs or yogurt.

4. 8:00am Avery and I go jump on daddy to wake him up. Then we all head downstairs to eat breakfast.

5. 8:45am I go upstairs while Avery and Josh are playing to tidy up, brush my teeth, wash my face and brush my hair. That’s about all the getting ready I do on days we stay home.

6. 9:00am If there was a show on the night before that Josh and I didn’t watch we watch it and have family time together playing with toys and talking.

7. 10:00am Then Avery and I water the flowers, check the mail and make Joshs lunch while Josh gets ready for work.

8. Josh leaves at 10:15 for work and then Avery and I start learning time and whatever else we have to do that day. Joshs hours are usually 11-7 so we spend most of our family time in the morning and then for a little bit when he gets home before Avery has to go to bed.

And that’s our morning routine! I hope you guys liked reading this and it gives you a better look into our household. Let me know if there’s anything that you’d like me to write about next blog!

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