What’s in my purse/diaper bag!

I decided to do this blog because I’m always curious what is in other moms diaper bags so I thought I would give you a peak into mine.

img_2875 img_2876

Avery is almost 2 1/2 so instead of carrying around a diaper bag I just use a big purse. I got this one at charming Charlie and I love it! I love that it is big but not too big. I can fit everything I need plus sometimes I have extra stuff and that stuff fits in as well. It has the front pocket for my phone and keys which in my old purse used to always find their way to the very bottom.


My purse has a middle divider in it and on one side of the divider I have a notepad for my grocery list, Avery’s coloring, or stuff I need to write down. Also I have Avery’s changing pad just in case we are out and she poops in her pull up and it’s too hard to change her standing up. Inside the changing pad are pull ups. I have wipes and also a little bag with a change of clothes forimg_2878

In the little pocket inside I have Avery’s epi-pen, glasses wipes, band-aids, Q-tips, and fingernail clippers. I seem to always tear my nails on stuff it’s ridiculous!


On the other side of the divider I have a water bottle, mine and Avery’s sunglasses, table pads for restaurants that Avery used to use a lot but doesn’t anymore so I guess I could take those out haha, my wallet and snacks for Avery. I swear this girl always gets super hungry as soon as we leave the house! She loves the Pure Growth popcorn, Clif Kid Z bars,  Go Organically fruit snacks, and Plum organic applesauce.

img_2880 img_2882

On that same side, my purse has these cute little pockets for all my stuff I need easy access to. Such as my favorite pens that have the point that can be used on your phone instead of your finger, The Honest Company hand sanitizer, Gold Bond aloe lotion, my 2 favorite L’oreal lipsticks in a nude and light pink shade, Baby Lips red tinted Chapstick, my trusty Carmex, a little mirror, and Orbit spearmint gum my favorite! And that is my purse/diaper bag! I know I should condense down on some things but a lot of it I use daily! Plus my purse holds it all. Hope you liked seeing what’s all in my bag!

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