Things I’m passionate about/love

I always want whoever is reading my blog to know me, who I am, and what I believe. I thought what better way to get to know me better than telling all of you what I’m passionate about/ what I love!

  1. My family! Josh and Avery are LITERALLY my everything! I wake up and go to bed thinking about them and what I can be doing for them. I find so much happiness in seeing them happy! I can’t imagine not having Josh as my husband or not having Avery as my daughter! I know I talk about them both a lot but it’s not nearly as much as I want to. The things Avery says to me and Josh does for me warms my heart! Last night Avery wanted me to cuddle her and hold her hand so she could fall asleep. Right before she fell asleep she told me “I really love you” and instantly happy tears streamed down my cheeks. Avery is the most thoughtful person I’ve ever met and the fact that out of everyone God picked me to be her mommy just amazes me!
  1. God! God always comes first in my life and that’s the way I like it. He has given me so much to be thankful for! His plans are so much greater than mine (sometimes I need to remind myself of this) and I love having God as my Heavenly Father! Josh and I do our best to raise Avery up how God wants us to and love teaching her more about him. Yesterday at church Avery took communion for the first time and I explained it to her the best I could to a toddler and after it was done she said she wanted more bread dipped in juice haha. The responsibility of teaching our kids about God is very important to us!
  1. Country music! By far my favorite genre of music! Give me some country music and sweet tea and I’m set! My favorite artists are Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, and Luke Bryan. My 10 favorite country songs right now are “She’s in love with a boy”, “Real men love Jesus”, “Make you miss me”, “From the ground up”, “John Cougar, John Deer, John 3:16”, “This”, “Making memories of us”, “Burnin it down”, “Then”, and “I met a girl”. Something about hearing a country song just puts me in a good mood! So living in the state of country music suits me well!

  1. Organizing! For as long as I can remember I have loved organizing. It calms me and the reward of it looking nice and neat is wonderful! I am always thinking about best ways to organize things and new tricks I can do to make our household function smoother. Right now I am planning on making drawer inserts like I did for our master bathroom for all the drawers in the house. By the end of this year I am hoping to have everything in the house organized exactly how I would like it. Plus Avery and Josh don’t have too much of an opinion about the way our house is organized so I get to do anything I want with it!
  1. Living healthy! (Involving exercise, foods and household products). Ok so I’m not the healthiest person in the world but I am all over making new changes to better my life/body and my family’s. I try to exercise for at least 30 minutes every single day except for weekends and when I don’t do that I can really feel a bad difference in my body. Avery and I go on a walk almost every night once it cools down a little bit and that’s our time to unwind from the day and go on a little adventure. (She always asks to walk through the houses that are being built in our neighborhood haha a girl after my own heart!) We also try and make sure that all of our fruits and veggies that we are eating the skin of our organic. I am actually wanting to start our own garden in the spring time so that I know exactly what I’m getting with our fruits and veggies and we can save money! We also try to get natural foods whenever possible. I am loving Costco’s truffles right now because they are all natural, gluten free chocolate truffles rolled in cocoa powder. I know they aren’t the healthiest of things especially with the calories chocolate has but if I am eating sweets these are better than sour gummy worms (a weakness of mine!). Another super important area to living healthy for me is the products I use in our house. I don’t like using bleach to clean. For cleaning products I use a green max pro solution that we got in Hawaii that is basically tea tree oil and plants (we use this to clean Avery’s toys), Mrs. Meyers Multi surface every day cleaner (for our counters), water with a special rag for our windows and glass, and we use Mrs. Myers hand soap. I just recently got seventh generation laundry soap because I had been using tide pods without thinking about the fact that whatever laundry soap we use we inhale and soak into our skin. So I’m hoping I like this new kind! We also use the honest company stain remover spray which is the best stain remover spray I have ever used! Avery and I have very sensitive skin so we use The Honest Company body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.
  1. Crafts! I can have my crafty moments but I’m not super artistic. My drawing and painting need some work but I love doing crafts, scrap booking, and making things for the house or Avery. Right now I love making shutterfly books and spending hours putting them together making it perfect. We do one at the end of every year recapping that year which I love having to be able to look back on. Avery loves photos just like Josh and I so it’s fun that she has these to look at. Painting is also something I love. Painting pictures is not my strong suit but I love painting wooden things.
  1. Writing and blogging! Obviously you guys know I like to blog because that’s what I’m doing right now. This is a way for me to relax and hope someone finds what I’m writing interesting. Even if no one read my blog I would still do it because I enjoy writing and having these blogs to look back on. I always loved writing papers in school so Josh encouraged me to start my blog.
  1. Home decor! Oh my do I love decoring!! I feel like I am constantly seeing different things that would look great in my house haha. I love home shows and copying them and then doing some of my own things. I wish I had a budget dedicated to decorating my home! My favorite style is Joanna Gaines’ from fixer upper. I love how she has that farmhouse look to all of her decor and how clean it all looks. I’m little by little trying to bring that style into our home.
  1. And last but not least learning and art time with Avery. Every day Avery and I go to her art table to do learning and art time. We work on counting, reading numbers, reading letters, shapes, colors and tracing things during learning time. I usually will devote a week to 1 thing. Like if I’m working on numbers we will work on counting objects for a couple days, reading numbers for a couple days, and then the last day of the week we go over everything to see what she remembers. And art time is so much fun because Avery is so creative that I love seeing her make new things with her play-doh or mix all her paint colors to make a new color or make a paper pizza and stuff. This is her time to play “school” and help her mind grow. I love teaching Avery and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be home schooling her for preschool since she knows a lot of what they will be teaching her already. Plus that gives me more time with my girl!

And there you have it! Some things that mean the most to me! I hope you guys liked reading this and felt like you know me a little better. Let me know any other ideas for blogs you want to see!

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