Avery’s Ballet and Tap class

Avery started ballet and tap 3 weeks ago. She was super excited to start and she always loved doing “ballerina moves” as she calls it so we signed her up for ballet and tap for 2-3 year olds. She was so excited to start that morning until I walked her into class and she realized that I wasn’t going to be in class with her. She started to cry and I absolutely hate when she gets so upset like that. So I stayed with her at the beginning and then slowly moved my way to the wall and then over by the door by the end of class. She had fun during class as long as she knew where I was. After leaving class that day I was worried this is how it would be every week. The dance studio she goes to encourages parents to watch the kids in the lobby on the tv so that having them in class each week isn’t distracting to the kids. So last week I got her all ready for ballet and talked to Avery about how all the other girls go in without their mamas and that she needs to do that too and be a big girl. Avery understood that mommy is still watching her and that she’s just going to have fun with the other kids all by herself. So we walked into ballet and she went in all by herself and had no problem! She was excited to stand on her blue dot and loved helping the teacher out! She blew me away with how independent she was! This was the first time ever that she has been without me besides occasionally going to Josh’s mom’s house for a little bit. At first it made me sad to know she’s getting so big and she no longer will be attached to my hip. But I am grateful that she transitioned into going into class by herself so well. And then this week was the same thing as the last. She had no problem going into class and even made a friend in there. Her name was Georgia and during class Avery kept talking to her which was so cute to see! I am beyond proud of Avery for being such a big girl. She is growing up even more perfectly than we could have wanted. Thank you Lord for the best daughter ever!! This ballet and tap class is exactly what will help her get ready for when it’s time to go to school without me. It was also a learning experience for me to let go sometimes and know that Avery really is ok without me sometimes. Plus it’s so cute to see her having fun and when she does the spring recital it’s going to be the most adorable thing ever!!

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