Atlanta Trip

Ok I was going to post this last night but I was so tired I didn’t have the energy to write yesterday. Soooo here it is! Josh and I had been wanting to go to a baseball game for awhile and finally made it happen on Saturday! We went to a Nationals vs. Braves game which was so much fun because Josh loves the Nationals and Avery had never been to a MLB game before.


So Saturday morning we woke up and drove to Atlanta! Our car ride consisted of music, snacks, story telling and games! Since the game wasn’t until 7 we (well mostly I) decided that we had to go to IKEA because we don’t have any in Tennessee. We ended up walking out with an outdoor rug, paints for Avery, a throw blanket, and 2 pitchers with a cork lid. I thought I did really well considering I wanted to buy the whole store!


Next we went to check in at our hotel. Our room was nice and Avery loved the king size bed and the fact that she was able to have a sleepover with mommy and daddy! Then we got ready for the game and headed out!

Avery thankfully took a nap on the drive from the hotel to the game so she was well rested the whole game. We got to Turner Field (still don’t know why they are moving fields next season when this one is nice!) and tried to find parking. As we were looking for the red lot because I had read that the red lot was cheapest this guy with another parking lot motioned us into his lot. We pulled in just to ask where the red lot was and the guy said he couldn’t hear us that way we had to pull in more and then a girl came up who also worked there and said she didn’t know where the red lot was but that this lot was $20. We paid her and pulled in to park. Then as soon as we parked I saw the red lot right across the street for $12! They set up their lot for $20 in front so that people can’t see the red lot for $12 until they park. I was a little frustrated but wasn’t going to let that ruin our time. We got into the park and found our seats! Row 2 by the 3rd base line! This was the closest i’ve ever sat at a baseball game. I didn’t think I was going to be starstruck but watching Max Scherzer and Jayson Werth warm up literally right in front of us was sooo cool!! As the game started Avery held up her cute sign that said “my 1st MLB game! Better get the W!” With the Nationals logo as the W. We had so much fun at the game! We ate snowcones, pizza and candy. Avery got a free shirt, and a ball from the ball boy! I think her favorite parts were pretending to swing when the pitcher would pitch the ball, eating lots of treats, and seeing Homer the Braves mascot.

IMG_2709 IMG_2710 IMG_2711 IMG_2708

This was my first baseball game since I started to really get into baseball and I looked at it in a whole new light. I watched the way the players reacted after plays, the differences in the ways each pitcher pitched ball, and the overall ambience of being at a baseball game in real life rather than watching it on TV. It’s crazy that this is these guys job. When the away pitcher gives up a home run and the crowd goes wild I wonder what that guy is feeling and thinking. I told Josh i couldn’t handle the mindset you have to have as a baseball player. You can’t let your nerves get to you or allow the crowd making noises to try to mess you up work. The things that these guys can do is amazing! The fact that a guy can throw a baseball 300+ feet is crazy to me. Baseball is a game and it’s so much fun to watch but it’s also incredible how easy these guys make really hard things look. Anyways, don’t mind my rambling haha I really loved the game and being able to experience that with my family! We plan on going to plenty more baseball games in our future!

After that game we stayed a little later because they had a Tori Kelly concert on the field. As we got back to the hotel around midnight we all crashed because we had to leave at 8 AM the next morning to drive home. Josh had to work on Sunday so I drove home that way he could relax before work. We got home around noon, he got ready to go, and then left for work. It was a very busy weekend but so much fun! We will always cherish these memories and anytime we can have family time it’s a good day!



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