Lemonade Stand Project

A couple of weeks ago Josh’s mom and I decided to take on the project of building Avery a lemonade stand. We wanted her to have something that she could have for a long time and double as a store counter because she loves playing store. It was NOT an easy job! It took us 7 hours and the day we did it, it happened to be humid and 90 degrees outside! Not our finest moment but we couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out and we were determined to finish it.

Since there is a lot of construction in our area right now there’s lots of left over wood pallets. So that’s where we started! We got 2 free wood pallets that needed some love but worked for our project. Then we bought sand paper, nails, sample sizes of yellow and white paint, paint brushes, paint roller and  paint roller tray. We already had black paint, a saw, and hammer. We made our own stencil and borrowed an electric sander from a neighbor. In total the project costed us about $25. If you don’t mind some hard work and you have a free day I suggest making this! Avery loves it so much and uses it a lot!

IMG_2252 IMG_2258

If you want to make a lemonade stand like this follow these steps 🙂

  1. You’ll need to take apart your pallets. This was tough because the wood sometimes falls apart so it can’t be used or it won’t come off at all.
  2. Sand all the wood especially the corners!!! And if you don’t have an electric sander you will NEED one! It’s worth knowing your kiddos won’t get any splinters. I’m pretty sure we over sanded ours but I’m glad we did!
  3. Measure how tall, wide, and long you want our lemonade stand to be. We did 4 panels on top, 3 in the front, cut 3 in half for each side. 1 for the sign, 2 long for holding the sign up and the base, and 3 for the base.
  4. Saw your wood. Actually before you do that set it up the best you can and make sure it’s all right. (Remember the panel on the counter in the front will be shorter because of the base holding the sign up)
  5. Next comes putting it together. This is a 2 person job because you have to hold it up and make sure it’s level while the other person hammers. Toward the end of putting it together we even screwed some screws in the base so that it was extra sturdy.
  6. Next is painting! We used pineapple yellow for the sides, base and the lemon stencil. Then did a washed out white look to the front and top. And finished it with a black sign that says “Avery’s Lemonade 50¢”


And that’s how to make Avery’s lemonade stand! She loved selling lemonade and her cutest was quite a hit! This project taught me patience, that I can do a lot more than I think I can and that I burn easy! But it was all worth it for Avery! And hopefully it lasts until she has kids!

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