“From the Ground Up”

I was watching The bachelorette this afternoon (I know most of it is fake but I seem to find myself watching it every season!) and when Jojo went to Luke’s hometown at the end of the day there was a song playing in the background. It was “From the ground up” by Dan and Shay. I love this song! When I hear it I think about Josh and I just smile so big! There’s a verse in the song that says “Grandma and grandpa painted a picture of 65 years. And one little house. More than a memory. More than saying I do, Kiss you goodnight’s and I love you’s”. Josh and I have always talked about how much we look forward to being married for 65 years and beyond! We want to be that old couple that inspires our grandchildren and have an everlasting love that is worth looking up to. Right off the bat there was something about Josh that made me just know he was for me. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true! I just felt like he was the one right from the get go! As soon as we started dating we talked about marriage and having kids one day! In high school that’s normally not the usual but we were both on the same page. Even though we flip flopped those two things we always knew no matter what we were meant to be together. Meeting your spouse in high school is pretty crazy but we have that much more time together now! Thankfully we’ve grown up a lot since we first started dating! Our love is so real and so wonderful and I love that it’ll just keep getting stronger. I love that we don’t put up any walls around each other or be someone we aren’t around one another. (Although he could hold in his toots every once in awhile!) I love that we make every decision together and that we really are each other’s best friends. We love doing fun things together and sometimes I have to bring out my fearless adventure side because I know Josh wants to do some things that usually I wouldn’t want to. We sacrifice for each other. And although it’s fun getting out of the house, some of our best dates are on the couch with some blankets and snacks! I’m so glad Josh likes when I’m all natural because 75% of the time the way I look when I wake up is how I’m looking all day! And of course Josh looks like a model when he wakes up! When I’m emotional I’ll just cry thinking about how blessed I am to have Josh as my husband! He is exactly what I’m praying Avery will have someday in a husband. I know I talk about Josh a lot but if you had him as your husband you would too!

Ok this was quite a lot of rambling but I heard that song and it got me thinking about my marriage with Josh and how it really is a dream come true for me! We hope to be a marriage worth looking up to!

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