What does being a parent mean?

What does being a parent mean? It means you are everything in the world to your child. You are 100% responsible for a human being. You are responsible to raise them up right, teach them about God, show them right from wrong, and take care of all their needs. This is a HUGE job. Being a parent is the most important thing I will ever do in my life. God gave me Avery and entrusted me with his daughter. I am the only mom Avery will ever have and I want to be the best for her. Being a parent means a lot!

Being a parent means leaving the house in jeans and a sweatshirt while your child is dressed in the cutest outfit with a matching bow. It means not getting all cute every day and instead taking those moments to color with your daughter. It means having to hold back laughing at your toddler being funny while you are trying to discipline her. It also means disciplining your kids because you know they need to learn what is ok and what isn’t.

It means loving your children unconditionally. Avery will always know that no matter what she does in life I could never love her less. She always has a safe place in my arms! Being a parent means knowing some day someone is going to make my daughter cry and I’ll need to be right there comforting her. It also means knowing that I can’t keep her away from everything bad. Instead I need to do my best to prepare her and walk with her through it all. Whoever said once a child is 18 they are no longer your responsibility was crazy! Avery will be always be my responsibility and being her mom is a job I take very seriously! I am actually tearing up writing this because I am filled with emotion and love for my daughter. I can write 1,000 pages on how much I love her and it won’t even begin to tell you what Avery means to me.

Being a parent means your heart will always be overflowing with love. Real, unconditional, whole heart love!!


5 thoughts on “What does being a parent mean?

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