Blogging for 1 Year!!!

Today marks 1 year of having my blog up!! It’s crazy that it’s been so long. I feel like I’ve always had it yet started it recently all at the same time. In 1 year a lot has happened! I started my blog about a month after I finished high school. I was living with Josh and his family at the time but still in separate bedrooms. We were planning our wedding and packing stuff up before moving to Tennessee. Now 1 year later we are married (2 months away from our 1 year anniversary), Avery is 2, and we are living and working in Tennessee. A lot changed but we love it!!

I started my blog because I love writing and journaling and I thought maybe someone would find some of my thoughts helpful or fun to read. I mainly blog about Avery and Josh because they are my whole world. I’ve been thinking about what I wanted this blog to be about but I am a huge ball of emotions tonight so I decided to just let everything that I’m thinking out. I’m very emotional and it’s partly because I’m about to start my period and partly because I miss my husband. I know Josh only left yesterday morning but the second he leaves I miss him like crazy. The house never feels the same without him. I never feel as safe or comforted as I do when he’s here. Just his presence alone fills my heart up so full. He’s my best friend and first and last love all in one so the way he makes me feel is undescribable. He just needs to hurry his butt home so I don’t have to be without him anymore. While he’s gone Avery and I get a lot done because we try and stay busy!

I also have been thinking about Mother’s Day coming up and how grateful I am to be able to be a mom. Avery makes every single day better with her silliness, sweet heart and amazing personality. I have no clue how I got blessed with such an amazing daughter and amazing husband!! I hit the jackpot and I’ll forever be thanking God for them both!

I have dreams of what I want to do in the future but the biggest thing I strive to be is the best mom and wife I can be. Some people would never ever want to be defined as only a wife and mother but I’m over here like ONLY a wife and mother?! Those are the 2 best jobs in the world!! I absolutely love calling myself Josh’s wife and Avery’s mama because that’s who I am. Those 2 jobs have shaped me into the woman I am today. I really like the person and woman of God that I am. I have never felt so blessed in my whole life. I just need 3 things. God, Josh and Avery!

Well that concludes my 1 year blog! Haha this was more of a rant of my thoughts but I feel good writing it all out! Thanks to everyone that reads my blog!

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