The end of our Europe trip

Well tomorrow we head back for the United States and we are all very excited!! 2 months away from home is a really long time! We didn’t realize how much we loved our house and everything we have until we were without it for awhile.

This trip has been a great experience for us and it was good for us to see different parts of the world. I love that Avery has already been to so many different countries and she can now say she’s gotten something from the Disney store in 7 different countries all before she turned 3! We were blessed with the easiest baby to travel with ever! She loves socializing and airplanes (plus she loves the treats she gets on vacation!).

This past week we have been in London. The first day we were here we went to Hamley’s toy store which is the biggest and oldest toy store in the world. There are 5 floors and each floor there’s something different. The first floor are stuffed animals and random gadgets. The second floor are learning toys and puzzles. The third floor is all girl stuff. We spend a while on this floor as soon as Avery found the baby doll section and for the rest of the time pushed around her baby in a little stroller. She has been extra interested in babies and taking care of them lately. And she doesn’t know that when we get home on our porch there will be a baby stroller waiting for her :). Also while we were in London we went over to the O2 which is this huge arena where they have concerts and stuff and there is also tons of yummy restaurants there! For the rest of the trip we went swimming, ordered room service, and relaxed!! Josh has had to work the last 4 days but I’m so excited for him to get back to the hotel because that means we are that much closer to coming home!!

We did a lot of adventurous things on this 51 day trip to 6 countries! It was fun to see all the sights and now I’m ready to get home, hear some southern accents, and drink some sweet tea!!!

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