Wales Recap

Tomorrow morning we are leaving Wales and heading to France!! We are taking a ferry over and then will be in Paris on Monday! I am ready for all the bread, chocolates, and coffee!! The second half of our trip is what I’ve been looking forward to the most. Mostly all the yummy foods we will be eating haha.
I can’t believe we have already been gone for 3 weeks and we will be home in 4 weeks!

Before this trip I expected Wales to be the least exciting place we were going to because we were here for a short amount of time and the expo that Josh was working had long hours. And it turns out I was correct. Josh ended up getting really bad food poisoning on the days he had off before the expo so we just stayed home and hung out. And then everyone else besides me felt sick for about a day. When Josh’s mom, Avery and I went into town while Josh and his step dad were working we took Avery to go see zootropolis (that’s what the name is over here). There are funny parts to the movie but there were some parts that were scary for Avery so we took her out a few times. Avery right away said “momma, dada, Avery” when she saw the mom and dad bunnies talking to the little girl bunny. Plus she is really good at communicating what she’s feeling so she would tell us “no watch scary” which translates to she doesn’t watch the scary parts. Then we of course had to go shopping because shopping for Avery is one of the favorite things to do. We got her a pair of really cute shoes with a flower print, sun hat to match her swimsuit, a pink flamingo toothbrush holder, a stuffed dog that looks exactly like Josh’s dad’s dog so she calls him Cooper, and a wooden toy car. She got to pick out any toys she wanted and she decided on the stuffed dog and toy car so that she could push her dog around on the car. Shopping for Avery is always a success!

Josh also had a great expo which was exciting! He pushed through feeling icky and did a great job. I am very grateful for all that he does for Avery and I! And now our Wales trip has come to an end. I am looking forward to our destinations ahead and blogging about what we see and do!


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