Balancing life

Balancing life is hands down the hardest thing to do. There’s never enough hours in the day. Why didn’t God make more than 24 hours in a day? Or just make me capable to run on less sleep? Even though I’m in bed for 8-9 hours a night I haven’t got a full and good night sleep in almost 2 years. It’ll be 2 years once Avery turns 2 haha. Continue reading

Our right way, not everyone else’s

As a mom I am constantly worrying if I’m doing things right. I used to spend hours researching the “right” way to do things and then I realized my right way may be different than other moms. I don’t believe in yelling, spanking, or letting Avery cry it out to fall asleep. Continue reading

Lying to our kids

I don’t know when and where it started that lying to our kids was considered ok. Most of the time it’s to get them to do things they don’t want to do or to try and protect them but lying is lying. It’s wrong and in my eyes it doesn’t protect our kids it just makes them trust us less when they get older. I know there are tough situations sometimes and we have to parent the best we can but we can tell our kids the truth accommodating their age of course. What made me write this blog was a woman in Disney World talking to her daughter who was probably 5. They were in front of me in the bathroom as I waited to change Avery’s diaper and the little girl didn’t want to try and go pee. So her mom told her that she had to because when they go to the next ride they will ask her if she went pee and if she says no she can’t ride the ride. Hearing this I accidentally made a weird face (quickly removing it) because it sounded so weird to me that a mom would tell her kid a straight lie. What happens when they go on the next ride and they don’t ask the little girl if she went pee? Does her trust for her mom weaken? Now there’s a chance she won’t even remember what her mom said when they go to the next ride but it didn’t sit well with me. Even if Avery forgets about something I told her and it was a lie I would remember and feel awful. I don’t want to look my daughter in the eye and ever lie to her. I’ll be sure that what I tell her is age appropriate but I won’t lie to her. I want her to always trust me and be able to ask me things and get my honest opinion. The mom in the bathroom probably didn’t think anything of it because she just wanted her daughter to go pee but those little things can grow into bigger things and now you’ve become accustom to lying to your kids. Kids are just as much people as we are and I think they deserve respect and honesty. Set yourself in a good habit of telling your kids the truth and they will do the same!