Boundaries for our Marriage

Josh and I’s marriage is always our number 1 priority. Our marriage is the foundation for our family and everything else in our lives. We want to make sure that we are able to be happily married forever. We want to enjoy our marriage and never worry about it. The boundaries create an environment that allow us to feel safe and secure in our relationship. Often nowadays the lines for boundaries can often be blurry or even unclear in a marriage. That’s why Josh and I have planned ahead and set boundaries that works for us and our relationship. There are a lot of boundaries that Josh and I set for our marriage that society would say are too strict and might even say they are because of our insecurities but that’s actually the opposite of the truth. We set them because we care so much about our marriage and we always want it to be the best it can be. We sow good seeds into our relationship so that we continue to get a good marriage out of it. One of our boundaries that we have is that we don’t text the opposite sex. In our eyes there’s really no need to and in not texting them it insures that no lines can be crossed. We trust each other 100% but good intentions have to be backed up with solid actions. We want to have a marriage that Avery looks up to and can say that we set a good example of what a marriage should look like for her. When we said our vows and promised to be married forever we meant it. Our wedding day was just the start of the promises that we will make to each other. Instead of just hoping for the best for our marriage we are taking actions to make it the best and protect it. I’m so happy to say that I’ll be married to Josh for the rest of my life! We hope the values we have in our marriage benefit other marriages!

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