My life

I am so happy with my life and where I am. I got married and had a baby very young but I love it that way. That means I get more years to be married to Josh and I got to experience the love I have for Avery sooner than most people. As I write this blog we are in the car driving to disneyworld. We been on the road since 4am and I’ve been up since 2am. I’ve got Josh laying on me and my hand holding Avery’s head up while she sleeps. Even though I’m tired I’m the happiest momma in the world. I have the 2 most important people in the world close to me. I feel them both breathing so peacefully. I also love the way Josh and Avery look when they are sleeping so I’m in heaven. This is my life and I love it. Being a wife and a mother of an almost 2 year old at almost 19 years old is a lot of work but it’s rewarded in the best way. I’m rewarded with the love of my husband and daughter and I couldn’t ask for anything better. I truly believe that being a wife and mother is what I was made to be. It’s my job, my passion, and it defines who I am. It challenges me every day to be better, teaches me to handle every situation with grace, and love unconditionally. I don’t feel like I got married or had a baby too young because I’m right where I need to be at this point in my life. I don’t ever wish my life looked any different. I don’t envy those with unlimited free time or people my age who are off to college. That isn’t what I’m meant to be doing, I’m meant to be at home being the best mother and wife I can be each and every day. Don’t get me wrong not every day is a piece of cake but I would never change any of it. I have days that I don’t feel like working out, cleaning, or working. Sometimes Avery is being a stinker and won’t nap. And sometimes I’m just exhausted! But that’s all a part of it! I’m ok having those days because I know not every day is like that. I’m blessed to have great days pretty much every day. I choose to make it a good day. I always think of what I learned in Sunday school: “This is the day that the Lord has made. I CHOOSE to rejoice and be glad in it. Today I will grow as Jesus grew becoming strong in my spirit, soul, and body.” This really helps me to always see the good in the day. Plus all the love I get from Josh and Avery always makes me happy. I am so lucky and blessed to call my life mine. I wouldn’t change it for the world!



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