How Josh and I Met

Ok first of all this is going to be an embarrassing blog post for me because the way Josh and I first met was pretty embarrassing. So it all started when I was a freshman in high school and he was a sophomore. He wrote my friend’s bus and I was on her bus quite a lot. He caught my eye and I thought he was just the cutest thing that had ever walked the earth. So as I was getting off of the bus I stopped, looked at him, said “you are really attractive” and ran off the bus! Never in my life have I ever said that to someone because am naturally really shy! But something came over me and made me say that to him. Everyone on that bus that heard me told Josh that what just happened was so weird and that I was weird for doing that. Who says that to a complete stranger?! I guess my heart knew he was someone special right from the get go! I avoided him after that because I was so embarrassed. Then I walked into pottery class sophomore year and guess who I saw? Josh sitting on a barstool in class (looking all cute again of course!) I was embarrassed at first but we started to talk, became best friends, fell in love and the rest is history! 🙂 I would have never guessed I would be married to the guy I said was attractive on the bus and I bet you neither did anyone else on that bus but it was meant to be! I now have the best husband and cutest daughter because of it!

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