Biggest Parenting Success

Being a parent is the best and most important job in the world. Every day Josh and I make sure to teach, inspire, nourish, listen to, and love Avery. She is our biggest success and the reason why we work so hard. Every day Avery blows us away with what she can do, what she knows, how she acts and how she treats others. She is the sweetest girl in the world! Josh and I’s biggest parenting success is seeing what a heart Avery has for others. She is the most thoughtful and kind child I’ve ever met! When she watches movies and the character on there is crying she gets sad. When she gives her baby a bath in the sink she runs to get a towel so that her baby doesn’t get cold. She cares about others so much. She hates seeing babies cry when we go to the store and wants to pat them and say “it’s ok baby”. She loves to make others smile and happy. When she flashes her sweet smile to strangers they practically melt. (Good to know its not just Josh and I that think she’s super cute). Avery is incredibly observant! She can tell when a person is happy, sad, nervous, scared, or excited. Just like her daddy she tries to make the people around her very happy. Which she always exceeds at. Josh and I purposefully listen and care for Avery’s needs and because of that she does that for others. I wish we could take all the credit for every wonderful trait she has but most of it is just who she is as a person. She’s so grown up for not even 2! Avery makes every day more fun and meaningful. Being a parent is Josh and I’s favorite thing! Thank you Avery for giving us the greatest gift!

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