5 Favorite things to do with Avery

Spending time with Avery is one of my all time favorite things to do! She makes me laugh constantly and seeing her happy is the best. She makes our life so fun! Even little things she gets so excited for and it reminds us how wonderful life is. Today she got crazy excited (and when I mean crazy excited I mean shaking and screaming because she’s so happy) that Nanny’s (Josh’s mom) birthday is soon and that I made her a smoothie today. Spending time with Avery doing what she wants makes me so happy! It’s so important to make special time with your kids each day and remind them how much you love them. And with that I want to share my 5 favorite things to do with Avery! 1. Color/paint with her and work on her letters. Seeing her get smarter and smarter each time we sit down to learn a new letter makes me so happy as a momma! I hope she always loves to learn! 2. Play kitchen with her. She got a kitchen for Christmas and always wants to make food and have me pretend to drink the water she pours for me. 3. Play in the bath with her. She loves bath time and swimming around. Seeing her be imaginative with all her toys is so cute to watch. 4. Walk with her. Going on walks is something that she has always loved. We don’t do it enough but when we do she is always on the look out for birds, puppies and anything blue! 5. And last but not least reading to her. She loves books and I think it’s so cute when she imitates what’s going on in the book. I am always looking for new things to do with Avery that she will love so what are your favorite things to do with your kiddos??

2 thoughts on “5 Favorite things to do with Avery

  1. I love that you love being a mom! You’re the best mother to Avery and she’s the sweet, happy, and amazing little girl that she is because of you and Josh! Keep up that wonderful work!

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